Facebook plans to show ad in WhatsApp status, know more details News

Facebook plans to show ad in WhatsApp status, know more details

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Time icon April 24, 2020

Due to the rapid popularity of messaging service WhatsApp, Facebook bought this app in 2014 by paying huge amount. Facebook has been trying to increase the revenue by showing ads on WhatsApp for a long time. Regarding showing ads on WhatsApp with more than 150 crore users worldwide. Facebook had said that by not showing ads directly on the platform. The company will provide a status update feature in WhatsApp, on which paid ads will shown.

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It was said by Facebook that ads may not appear on WhatsApp. But the company is still making new developments. According to the reported, ads have not pushed on WhatsApp so far to avoid the regulators from the social media company. Regarding how the advertising model will work on WhatsApp. It has said in the reports that after matching the phone number of Facebook and WhatsApp account, users can target ads and they will see ads to their liking.

It may take time now

It is believed that Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram can unified by Facebook. After which the ads will start appearing on WhatsApp. Last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that Facebook plans to combine its messaging platforms and it may take at least until 2020. In such a situation, one thing is certain that for some time the ads are not showing on WhatsApp and integration of the three big platforms can take a long time.

Talking about the plan revealed, how can Facebook target ad on users, questions can arise about it. The company does not want the platform’s privacy and existing position to suffer in any way. One thing is also coming out that users who do not want to add WhatsApp and social media accounts. They can also leave Facebook or WhatsApp. For now, one thing is certain that Facebook is working on a plan to show ads like Instagram in WhatsApp status and is exploring all the options for it.

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