Facebook Gaming Offers Streamers 100% Subscription Revenue In Bid To Compete With Twitch

Twitch has been the industry leader when it comes to game streaming. However, other competitors have slowly come to realize the potential of this industry and are taking aim at the Amazon-owned Twitch.

YouTube Gaming has been successful in poaching some of the biggest streamers of Twitch. TimTheTatman announced that he signed an exclusive deal with YouTube Gaming earlier this year. Apart from him, DrDisrepsect, DrLupo, and many others have also shifted to exclusively streaming on YouTube Gaming.

Invite-Only Offer

And guess what? Facebook Gaming has opened its eyes too now! It is trying to entice streamers to use their platform by giving them offers that are pretty tough to decline.

Facebook Gaming has said that until the end of 2021, the streamers will get 100% of the subscription revenue they earn. Usually on other platforms, the amount the streamer receives is just 50% as there are commissions, charges, and more.

“Creators can earn a bonus of up to $10,000 over the course of the program. It’s invite-only in all 27 markets where the Subscriptions feature is available to creators.”

How Will It Work?

Facebook Gaming not only offered 100% subscription revenue but also a bonus of upto $10,000 (with $5 – $20 per every subscriber). Streamers have the opportunity only until the end of 2021 to be a part of this offer.

Facebook Gaming is no where close to Twitch in terms of streamers, traffic, and popularity but this move will definitely be the beginning of something massive.

The offer is a part of Facebook’s commitment to invest more than $1 Billion in creators through 2022. Do you think this is an incentive enough for streamers to shift to Facebook Gaming? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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