Ezra Waters Deletes TikTok Handle Following Sexual Harassment Allegations

Social media personality Ezra Waters, whose real name is Gregory Ezra Clark has deleted his TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram accounts following allegations of sexual misconduct by multiple women.

The TikToker and musician had over 130,000 followers on the platform but now his account is no longer to be found. The social media personality, however, remains active on his SoundCloud account.

Nadine Milad Shares Her Story

On November 4, TikToker Nadine Milad alleged that Ezra Waters had assaulted her and she was a victim of abuse. In her story, she said that Ezra came to her place to comfort her

“He started humping my leg, and I was really uncomfortable. I said ‘no, I don’t want to have sex, I told you.’

“He’d be like ‘oh yeah,’ and then he’d do it again. Then eventually he left when he realized he wasn’t going to get what wanted,” she concludes, claiming “you violated my boundaries, physical and emotionally.”

Second Woman’s Story

The same woman Nadine had shared another woman’s story who identifies are Sheree of being sexually abused by Ezra.

“She met Ezra through TikTok, that’s where he gets a lot of his victims,” Nadine alleged. “He physically assaulted her, in his room, digitally, if you know what I mean. The trauma, and her injuries, are so bad that she’s still recovering from that. This happened about a week ago.”

According to entertainment tabloid Dexerto, A GoFundMe has also been setup for Sheree, who is apparently now homeless after being evicted and left with no money following an abusive relationship with another person. The target amount to raise is $5,000.

“My name is Ree. I recently walked away from a severely abusive relationship of 3 years where I was strangled and almost lost my life. My ex is currently on the run and got my car repoed,” The GoFundMe explains. “Please help me rebuild so I can find housing and get some of my medical treatments from my injuries taken cared of. I would really appreciate it and it would be a blessing!”

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