Ezra Miller Meets Warner Bros To Apologize & Reassure The Future of ‘The Flash’

Ezra Miller who goes by the pronouns they/them has been part of many legal controversies lately. This is obviously impacting his upcoming film ‘The Flash’, which will be released next year. Due to his recent controversy of felony burglary, Warner Bros have clearly given Ezra three options. Miller has already chosen the first one.

The three options were, first to seek some professional help and give an explanation for his past erratic behavior. Second, the film will release but Ezra won’t be an important part of the publicity or promotion. Also, will be replaced for future projects. The last escort will be to scrap the film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it’s reported that Ezra Miller has met Warner Bros’ higher management. Miller with his agent CAA’s Scott Metzger went to meet the higher authorities of the studio Michael De Luca & Pamela Abdy.

The Flash star’s reason behind the meeting was to apologize in person for drawing unfavorable attention to the company through his controversy. Other than that, they went to reassure the company about their commitment to the film and to know how to stay on track with the release.

The meeting was held at Burbank, on the same day of the Batgirl’s funeral screenings. Not much of details were revealed about the meeting. But according to THR, it was the first time the Flash actor met the heads of the film division.

About The Flash

While trying to stop his mother’s murder, The Flash accidentally alters the course of the timeline and creates a multiverse.

Two superheroes will be joining the upcoming film Flash of them Sasha Calle as Supergirl & Michael Keaton as Batman.

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