EXO’s Suho visits the Stanford University

EXO’s Suho visited the Stanford University for their Korean Studies conference on Thursday, May 19 to discuss the Korean Wave. The idol shared his personal experience as a K-Pop idol and the global influence of Korean culture.

Suho prepared a special presentation in which he presented his ten years of experience as a K-pop artist, his experiences with the Hallyu wave, and his detailed comments on Hallyu’s effect, scale, and aims.

What Suho Talked About:

He stated, “We feel the power of the Hallyu wave not only on stage, but in our everyday lives. Dance cover videos on social media are evidence that Hallyu and K-pop are not one-sidedly visible contents. As producer Lee Soo Man always says, Hallyu has become a recreatable content that everyone can enjoy and participate in together.”

He went on to say that the dancers in the dance cover videos had picked up on subtleties that he had missed, and as a result, he realised the weight of his job as an artist.

Suho presented his speech in English, making sure to express his admiration for his fellow EXO members and thoughtfully crediting EXO-L for their achievement. Although he appeared anxious at first, fans observed that he delivered his speech incredibly effectively and beyond their expectations. He got into his speech and even made jokes with the audience.

Suho concluded his time at the conference by promising to return with his fellow EXO members for a group concert before swiftly and comically explaining that no such arrangements were in the works.

The seminar also covered North Korean geopolitics as well as the university’s Korea Program. The conference will continue tomorrow for its second and final day, and will be live-streamed on Stanford’s Shorenstein APARC’s official YouTube channel, where you can also watch the first day.

Suho of EXO has been having a great time in the United States. In Los Angeles, he appeared alongside SM Entertainment’s founder and executive producer, Lee Soo Man, and Sunny from Girls’ Generation during the launch of SM Entertainment Square. The downtown Los Angeles area is dedicated to Lee Soo Man and SM Entertainment for their achievements in the worldwide music market.


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