EXO’s Kai Launches Third EP ‘Rover’ to Rave Reviews from Fans and Critics Alike

EXO’s Kai has done it again with the release of his highly anticipated third EP, “Rover.” Fans and critics alike are raving about the album, which features six tracks that showcase the singer’s impressive vocal range and captivating stage presence.

“Rover” is a dancehall-inspired lead single that features a heavy bass line, marimba, bells, and various percussions. The song’s lyrics encourage listeners to live life on their own terms and throw off the restraints of others’ viewpoints, while the accompanying music video takes inspiration from classic movies like “Catch Me If You Can” and “Billy Elliot.”

In addition to the lead single, “Rover” includes five other tracks that explore a range of genres, from R&B and hip hop to pop and dance. “Black Mirror” is an R&B hip-hop song that questions the lifestyle of modern humans reliant on the stimulating, provocative content on social media, while “Bomba” is a dance track with reggaeton beats.

“Slidin'” is an R&B soul genre song that features elegant arpeggio synth sounds and rhythmical drums, while “Say You Love Me” is a hip-hop R&B song accompanied by drums and 808 bass. “Sinner” is a pop genre song with piano and synthesizer as accompaniments, and its lyrics express the desire to remain trapped in an exhausting type of love where both exhilaration and pain coexist.

The physical album is available in five versions, including two “Photobook” versions, one “Sleeve” version, one “Digipack” version, and one “SMini” version, giving fans plenty of options to choose from. The album’s popularity is evident in its impressive chart performance, with “Rover” debuting at #1 in 40 regions worldwide on iTunes, Korean album charts, and Chinese charts.


Kai’s success as a solo artist is a display of his talent and hard work, as well as his ability to connect with fans on a global scale. His previous solo albums, “KAI” and “Peekaboo,” were also well-received by fans and critics, and “Rover” seems to be no exception.

In February 2023, SM Entertainment confirmed that Kai plans to release a new solo album, and “Rover” is just the latest example of his ability to captivate audiences with his music and performances. With his impressive vocal range, dynamic stage presence, and innovative sound, Kai is sure to continue making waves in the music industry for years to come.


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