EXO Chanyeol, Pentagon’s Jinho Wish Fans Happy Chuseok Amid Military Service

Chuseok is a Korean festival that is similar to Thanksgiving. People of South Korea celebrate after the annual harvest. It is a public holiday that is declared and most of the K-Pop industry take a break and go home to visit their loved ones.

The festival is also customary for idols to wish their fans and share season’s greetings videos. However, those who are a part of the military also get a break to spend time with their loved ones. One such example is EXO’s Chanyeol.

Most idols are inactive while they are in their mandatory military service. Some of them do come online to greet their fans and wish them a Happy Chuseok. Many are still under training and are on the military base. They come online after receiving phone privileges. Most of those who are at the end of their service get to go home. Jinho of Pentagon is one among them.

The festival is on September 21 this year and South Korea declared September 20 to 22 as public holiday. Jinho has completed almost 90% of his service and had the privilege to go on vacation for the holidays this year. He had enlisted in early 2020 and came online on his Instagram to wish fans for the holidays this year.

A.C.E.’s Wow and Monsta X’s Shownu had recently enlisted as public service workers. They personally cannot greet fans but their agencies have posted pre-recorded videos of them in hanboks while they wish fans Happy Chuseok.

Meanwhile, Victon’s Seungwoo enlisted as part of the military band. He came online on Instagram and the Korean Bubble app. The star hoped that fans are taking care of their health and wished them happy holidays. He also added as he told everyone to follow the social distancing rules while celebrating.

VIXX’s Ken posted a selfie and wrote a letter for his fans as he wished them. He told them not to worry about him and Winner’s Hoony and Jinu followed suit with handwritten letters that wished their fans. Infinite’s L pre-recorded a video as he greeted fans hoping that everyone is with their loved ones. EXO’s Chanyeol got to take a vacation like Jinho and spent time with his dog Zzar. The star posted many photos of her on his Instagram that fans loved.


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