Exclusive Interview With Shyraa Roy

Shyraa Roy is a Dubai-based singer, actress, model, and producer. She is known for her role as Sania in Aks, Mohini in Mohenjodaro, and Natasha in Saaho. The influential and beautiful artist has also sung music singles like Raat and Kamli. She turned into a producer as well as a screenwriter in Hello Shabnam for Amazon Prime.

The singer sat own exclusively with Clout News as she revealed her journey so far. She talked about breaking prejudices and how things changed for her in the span of three years. Her song, Kamli has reached internationally as it has been nominated for Cannes Film Festival.

Shyraa had a heartfelt conversation about her journey and the hatred she had to face after coming out publicly as a transwoman. She revealed how her family had also abandoned her and she struggled for a while. However, the very important moment of her life went viral and everybody knew who she was. The artist also shared with us how she thinks people should acknowledge her story or any other transgender.

She discussed her upcoming debut in the feature film, Ishq-e-Aatish. The singer revealed few details about what the story would be. She shared with us the role she will be playing in the venture which will be Aatish. The model revealed that her character is about fire and darkness. She will be playing the lead role in the upcoming venture as she revealed the few reasons why she actually signed the movie.

Roy Reveals Teases Her Debut Feature Film, Ishq-E-Aatish

Shyraa explained that she connects with the character in some ways and relates to it. She shared that there are certain traits and circumstances that she herself has gone through in her life. This makes the venture really special for her and she further revealed that the movie is about doing anything for love. She said it also involves her murdering someone for her love.

The artist explained that her debut is to “another level”. However, another factor that really drew her to this project is the dialogues. She said, “The dialogues are to die for. It was giving me a feel of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavat”. Bhansali is a well-renowned filmmaker who is known for his passion to create films that are remarkable for the Bollywood industry.

Shyraa revealed that the story revolves around her character, Aatish falls in love with a guy but he is not in love with her. He is said to be a fan of Aatish who is a performer, however, she wants him and will do anything to get him into her life.

The model further discussed the well-deserving but surprising achievement for her venture, Kamli. It is nominated for Cannes Film Festival and she shared with us her preparation which has already begun. She revealed she is ready for the show as designers, officials have already gotten in touch with her.

The singer then shared with us her creative process behind every song and how she perceives it is successfully established. She threw a little shade on Tony Kakkar from the Bollywood industry, however, she revealed she perceives soulful and meaningful lyrics as a beautiful song. The model also gave us an example of the difference between the two songs.

Roy Reveals Her Big Collaboration For Kamli 2

Shyraa also revealed that she will be singing an item song next which is titled as her own name, Shyraa. She shared that she will be performing in the song as well as singing. The singer has also sung a few lines from her new song as she revealed that she will be experimenting with a different style of music. She explained that she takes up music, and composition which is different from the other.

The producer further revealed in one of our other segments that she is working on a restaurant. She revealed her wish would be to open a food restaurant. The artist shared that it will be two different things that she will be managing. She then talked about Kamli 2 which is in the making right now.

Shyraa revealed that the sequel to Kamli will be premiering in 2022. She teased that the song will include a big sensation singing alongside her. The singer also revealed the name of the singer which is the legendary Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, who is a Pakistani musician and has delivered a huge number of hits across Lollywood as well as Bollywood.

Elsewhere in the interview, she revealed that she was a part of Street Dancer featuring Shraddha Kapoor and Varun Dhawan. She claimed that she was still friends with Shraddha and thoroughly enjoyed her time on the sets of the movie by Remo D’Souza.

Shyraa has back-to-back ventures and events as she gets recognized internationally. We look forward to her projects as she breaks all stereotypes and strides the world as a transwoman.

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