Exclusive Interview With Nikki Lund

Nikki Lund, is a fashion designer, songwriter, celebrity stylist, entrepreneur, singer, and a mother that has defined her name in all industries. In a recent interview with Clout News, she exclusively opened up about her life and how she conquered all the industries with her talents.

As Nikki is known to represents confidence, femininity and sex appeal, we asked her if she has been someone who represents the same since she remembers.

Nikki responded, “Yes, I think my mother is a very strong person. And a very good role model. So, I learned from a very young age on, the importance of really appreciating your femininity, and respecting yourself.”

She described her mother and said, “And, you know, morals, my mom has very strong morals and integrity. And so, when you set standards for yourself, then people have to respect your standards and live up to them. And that means in all facets of your life, it’s important, you know?”

When asked about how her journey with music started when she was only 12, she shared that she and her brother always played music. She explained how she used to write songs to express her feelings. And her journey had started way back, as she shared, even when she was five years old, she was playing music.

The songwriter shared a fun story with us as she explained her “imaginary people”. She said, “I had these imaginary friends that I called ‘The Moon People’ who I was creating music with. I would express that in a house and my brother learned how to play guitar. And we just started a band, we would go out and play literally on street corners, anywhere we could find anybody to listen to us.”

“We still do music together. We still plan on releasing music together”

Nikki further explained how meaningful music was for her. The singer shared, “And the love of music really came from an early age. My father plays bass, my mother sings Italian opera. So, the house was always full of music. And I’ve just had a love for it. And it’s almost like a second language to me. It really is. It’s a universal language, music.”

The songwriter was then asked about the process of going solo and she shared how her brother and she decided to go solo. She shared, “We had a band, and my brother and I kind of decided it was time to take a little bit of a break. We both went in different directions.”

The singer further added, “We still do music together. We still plan on releasing music together. And being in a band is always very difficult because there are so many different personalities. But the real band was always me and my brother.”

Nikki further explained that she has been releasing songs solo and writing with different artists that she loves and respects. She also explained how the band’s name went on to be Secret Mind.

The entrepreneur responded, “We came up with it. It was kind of like telling your secret mind that is telling you the thoughts of your heart and your soul on paper. In music, it is much different than being able to actually tell people outright so we named the band secret mind.”

She went ahead and explained to us how her music career went into fashion. The singer shared how she always made clothes since she was a little girl. She described the process as symbiotic as she shared her mother was an amazing seamstress and tailor.

“I learned how to express myself through fashion”

The celebrity stylist further explained how her mother used to encourage her own style as they used to buy fabric and make their own clothes. She said, “I learned how to express myself through fashion, whether it was my own buttons or my own hemline. Whatever I wanted the dress to be if it was a really pretty little church dress, but I wanted it to be a raw edge hemline, to be a little bit more edgy. That’s what I did.”

Nikki further shared how she was on stage or on tour with the band and she would be making her own clothes which were recognized by people. She shared how they used to love what she wore. That is how she started her fashion journey without really intending to.

The entrepreneur further talked about her favorite celebrity that she designed clothes for and how she tackled both the industries despite being matriarchal. The singer also shared with us what her inspiration was for her work and offered her advice to women who want to be entrepreneurs. Nikki also shared her future projects with us

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