Ex BiggBoss 14 Contestant Shardul Pandit Asks Salman Khan For ‘Work’

Shardul Pandit was the latest in a long line of contenders to withdraw from Bigg Boss 14 after being promoted to Bigg Boss ki Adalat. The character of the actor and radio jockey in this program was very popular with the audience and the experience was stressful. In an exclusive interview with IndiaToday.in, he opens with his stay in the house and his struggle to find work outside.

Shardul’s Worst Memory From BiggBoss

Shardul Pandit says that although he did not expect his dismissal to happen so quickly, he was right about it. “I didn’t have digital executives so my chances of winning were very slim. But I didn’t expect to be out soon because I was the first to enter a competition that brought laughter into the house. ”

He also added that his worst memory of the game was a league attached to him that could not be seen much. “I feel bad about being picked up by two journalists who didn’t even know what I was doing inside. I was waiting for Jaan to be appointed. ”

Salman Praises Shardul Firmly

Shardul says, “When I left Bigg’s management home, I was taken to my vanity. When I asked to speak to Salman (Khan) for a minute. He told me that like Kavita, I could return. After that, I just sat there for two hours. I didn’t cry or hear anything because I needed a show for money. The sight at last sinks in that it is over. ”

When Shardul left Bigg Boss, Salman Khan praised him for being strong and getting into the game even though his mother was sick. However, Shardul’s mother is not happy about his return.

“My mother was terrified that I would leave the game,” she says. She’s not happy that the only thing that would have given me a job and recognition is now gone. He is still recovering. You are having trouble chemo right now. ”

Shardul’s Best Memory From BiggBoss

Speaking of his sweet memories in the house, Shardul recalled his encounter with Salman Khan and said he was glad he had won his heart. “My collaboration with Salman Khan is one of the best memories I have of Bigg Boss 14. He made fun of me and felt bad about my dismissal.

One of my friends also correctly wrote recently, ‘Bigg Boss k Bigg Boss Ka Dil jeet liya aur kya jeetoge.’ He always spoke kindly to me. It was as if the older brother were talking to his younger brother. ”

Asked if he would hate anyone at BB’s house, Shardul said, “I can’t hate people who work with cameras. All of their issues and their fights are organized according to where the camera was at the time. I formed a very strong bond with Eijaz nonetheless. You look like a very cruel person but you are not. He cried in front of me for hours. ”

‘I Need Work’

Earlier, Shardul had spoken out against depression. After almost two years of inactivity and unexpected closure, he too has lost a lot of money. He says, “I had hoped to be among the top players but now I have to fight on my own.

There are some fans who say I won hearts but there are others who say I did nothing. It squeezes me every minute. It’s hard to live with that. I feel like I want to go back to despair. There was a time before when I wanted to kill myself now, I have to fight again. ”

Shardul Pandit has never hesitated when it comes to applying for a job. He had previously opened up about his financial situation and now, as he is not in the game, he is still looking for a job. In fact, even Salman Khan had volunteered to help him.

He says, “I have received a very good farewell to Bigg Boss but there is no work outside. I don’t have Salman Khan’s number but I would like to give him a message, ‘I need a job. If you have the role of an actor, please give me a job. ”


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