Everything You Should Know About The Tomb Raider Animated Series On Netflix

The famous Tomb Raider game franchise is going to see an animated adaption in the coming future exclusively on Netflix.

Netflix, Crystal Dynamics, Square Enix, and Legendary Television have teamed up for the animated project that will be based on the popular action game.

While not much information is available at the moment about the series, this article will tell you everything that is known so far:

Coming Exclusively On Netflix

The animated series for the Tomb Raider game was announced in early 2021 along with the Anime project Skill Island.

Japanese anime action series which is described as “a road trip adventure” is how Netflix’s official website pitches the series.

The game is one of the most successful big-game franchises and has seen movie adaptions in the form of Angelina Jolie Tomb Raider movies.

The game will be coming up to its 30 year anniversary in just 5 years. There are 17 games under the franchise with an 18th one reportedly scheduled to release sometime soon.

Who Is The Writer And Producer?

Tasha Huo will be the lead writer for the Tomb Raider animated series. She is also working on two other major projects namely Black Belle and Red Sonja for Millenium Films which will star Hannah John-Kamen.

The writeup for the animated series was completed back in May 2021 and the baton has been passed on to animators and voice artists.

Powerhouse Animation Studios, the animation studio behind Netflix’s Castlevania will be working on Tomb Raider anime as well.

Howard K. Bliss, Stephan Vladimir Bugaj, Dmitri M. Johnson, and Jacob Robinson are the executive producers of the series.


One character that will be appearing in the Netflix series (confirmed) will be Zip.

“Hacker and tech geek. Zip was discovered by Croft Industries after he broke into one of their competitor’s databases. They recruited him and continue to pay him handsomely.”

Details about other characters are still not out and once they are, we’ll make sure to update you about the same.


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