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Everything You Need To Know About Season 3 Of Z-Nation Series ‘Black Summer’

The fans of Black Summer series had to wait for more than 24 months but in the end, their patience paid off! The second season of Black Summer is now available to stream on Netflix worldwide.

After an amazing and widely appreciated second season, fans are eagerly hoping to see a third season of the Z-Nation based series. But what really is the status of season 3? Do you think the series will return in 2021 for the next season? Comment and let us know your thoughts. Meanwhile, let us see what is the current status of the series!

What Is The Series About?

Black Summer is a horror based Netflix Original series produced by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams and is the prequel to the zany zombie Z-Nation series.

The second season of Black Summer was much better than the first as per fan sentiments. Black Summer continues to make sure that every encounter with the Zombies is scarier than the previous fans so the fans stay hooked!

Will Black Summer See A Mew Season On Netflix?

Netflix renewal for the series is still ‘Pending’ (Last Updated: 17/06/2021, as per WhatsonNetflix).

One month after the release of season 2 of Black Summer on Netflix, there is not confirmation about season 3 returning to Netflix currently!

The new viewers and the number of viewers retained from the first season will have a huge impact on the decision whether the Black Summer series should be renewed for next season.

What’s Special In Season 3?

In the United States, the show appeared in the top 10 for 12 days and in the UK it was in the top 10 list for two weeks straight.

The final seasons of season 2 of Black Summer have left us with a lot of questions for season 3.

The last we saw of Lance was at the end of season 1 when he was running away from a small horde of zombies, and his fate was left unknown. Arguably no one was expecting to see him return in the second season, but we finally learned the sad, and albeit tragic fate of the character.

What are your guesses about what happens in Season 3 of Black Summer? Let us know in the comments!

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