Everything You Need to Know About Exterior Wall Paint

Give your exterior walls the care and attention they deserve. 

Exterior walls require special attention because they are subjected to extreme conditions such as heat, rain, and dust. To provide all-around performance and durability to exterior walls, primers, undercoats, emulsions such as Berger exterior paints, and texture finishes can be used. Here’s everything you need to know about these wall paints. 


Exterior wall paint colours last longer when the surface they are painted on is well prepared. That means, any defects such as dents, peeling paint and chalking need to be treated. Once walls are clear of all defects, primers are applied prior to painting them. Acting like an anchor for emulsions, primers are made with binders that create a firm foundation for new paints. For example, the Exterior Cement Primer from Berger penetrates porous surfaces to create a protective layer that is resistant to water. It contributes to better performance of top coats by stopping coats from being absorbed into walls. 

Sealers and Undercoats

Sealers, similar to primers, seal off porosity of walls to provide good adhesion and resistance to efflorescence. The advantage of sealers is that they can be used on weathered surfaces to set the stage for primers. Just like how primers act as an anchor for top coats, sealers increase adhesion between primers and substrates. A sealer can be used as a substitute for primers or as a base for primers. 

To increase the strengthening functions of primers and sealers, an undercoat is applied over them, before the application of the top coats. The primary distinction between primer, sealer and undercoat is that a primer is applied to freshly painted surfaces, whereas a sealer is used as a substitute for primers or applied prior to a primer, and an undercoat is applied to already painted surfaces.

For an excellent quality house exterior wall paint job, you should definitely use Berger Seal-O-Prime. It is the first ever configuration in India that works as a sealer and as undercoat for direct application of emulsions. Its penetrative acrylic polymer creates a strong barrier against dampness while its silicon additive repels water.  


When compared to other types of paints, emulsion paints are less toxic. They have low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can cause respiratory problems and irritation to the eye, nose and throat. They adhere to nearly any surface and come in a variety of finishes including matte, glossy, and smooth. They are easy to clean, have excellent colour retention, are easy to apply and highly durable. If you want to flaunt a rich, sheen exterior wall paint finish, Weathercoat Glow from Berger is perfect for you. It is a premium emulsion which protects your home’s walls from diverse weather conditions and against wall issues.


Water based acrylic texture coats add a unique element to your exteriors and increase the aesthetic value of your home. For a brilliant textured finish, look no further than Florentina Glitterati. This stunning coat is a combination of mica and acrylic binder which imparts a single or multi-coloured glitter effect to walls. 


Exterior walls are the first line of defence for your home and need to be armed with the ability to fight external elements. Dust, for example, increases in the air when construction is going on or when there are traffic jams in your neighbourhood. Over a period of time, when dust accumulates on surfaces, exterior walls start to lose their colour and protective abilities. Add moisture to this situation and you have yourself an environment in which mould-causing microbes thrive. How to tackle this problem? Products such as Berger Paints’ WeatherCoat Long Life can be put to good use. This luxury emulsion is made with a unique chemical composition that protects exteriors from damaging effects of dirt, dust, water and fungus.

Colours and style

When it comes to giving your home a much-needed facelift, choosing beautiful exterior wall paint colours and funky colour combinations can be super-fun. If you don’t know where to start, you can check out the Shade Genius tool from Berger. It is a tool with which you can explore different Berger paints exterior colour combination ideas. Everyone has a unique personality and personal choices which the Shade Genius tool takes into account before offering recommendations.  


We hope that the information provided above is sufficient to help you understand everything about exterior wall paint. For a high-quality makeover of home exteriors, consider hiring Berger Express Painting services who offer an all-round painting experience. Skilled painters from this service will finish painting at a faster pace without compromising on quality.

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