Ethan Klein Calls Out Keemstar For Complaining To YouTube's CEO

Ethan Klein Calls Out Keemstar For Complaining To YouTube’s CEO

Hila and Ethan Klein, who host the H3 podcast have been suspended from YouTube. This was after a joke he made towards Keemstar.

The joke was with regards to Keemstar bragging about dating a 20-year-old he met at a fan meetup. Someone called in on the forty-sixth episode of the H3 After Dark podcast pretending to be Keemstar’s girlfriend. She called in and joked that the influencer cried while they were sleeping together and hinted that he had small genitals.

The podcast host said this is a girl who is only 20 years old and “she’s a child”. He added that this is also about a 39-year-old creep who is “preying on a young girl”. Ethan called out Keemstar for complaining to YouTube staff to get their podcast suspended. After H3 Podcast announced its short suspension in a tweet, Keemstar shared the news with a clip.

The Drama channel host wrote he should be jumping down happy but he is not. He added that justice has been served with two videos of Ethan and Hila Klein and the H3H3 Podcast were taken down. The influencer further wrote it was for violating the terms of service of YouTube. He wrote, “Him getting two strikes, I dunno, I can only guess but I’m sure he can’t upload for a while. Cant’ stream and quite frankly, he deserves it. It’s well overdue.”

Keemstar talked about Ethan and the podcast. He stated that the podcast would not last on anyone else’s channel. The influencer added that the H3 Podcast host had a hand in getting one of his videos taken down on the platform as well. However, that was not the end of their beef.

Klein Claims Keemstar Knew Beforehand About The Suspension

Ethan responded to Keemstar’s video on Twitter as he said his statement was “in the ultimate hypocrisy”. He added,

“He called her “fresh cheeks.” Now we are suspended for a week. this after he lied and cried about me getting him suspended, which I had nothing to do with.”

The H3 Podcast host made a follow-up statement as well as he claimed Keemstar knew the information that the channel will be suspended. He claimed this was before they did and posted immediately. This, according to him, meant that he 100% was talking with YouTube about it.

Meanwhile, the H3 Podcast’s announcement stated that their channel would not be able to post on YouTube for a week. This would mean there will be no Off The Rails, After Dark or Families segment. And even that was not the end of their exchange as they continued to call each other hypocrites.

Keemstar wrote that he would love to see Ethan survive the current climate on YouTube. Ethan and Hila have not commented further. However, it was since updated that the H3 Podcast had received only one strike.

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