Ertugrul:”I will definitely accept any good offer from Pakistan.”

When asked how Engen Alten Dzitan, who played the lead role in the popular Turkish drama series “Darius Ertugrul” or “Ertugrul Ghazi”, changed his personality or character, he compared the present to the present. He complained that today’s people are very artificial.

While making Ertugrul, I came to know that the people of that time were very simple, pure-hearted and innocent. After learning about the people of that time, I found out that they were very sincere and had good ideas. Modern-day human beings are not as innocent and truthful as they are, but highly artificial. I want to see innocence, sincerity and truth in people today, but unfortunately such people do not appear.

In an interview dubbed in Urdu with host Furqan Hameed on state broadcaster Pakistan Television’s PTV Home channel, Engin Altan Dziten talks about his life, the shooting of Ertugrul and the world around him. Talked about the positive response to the show.

He said that he has been hearing about the friendship between Pakistan and Turkey since childhood and the expression of love from the brotherly country made him very emotional.

According to him, he is a fan of Pakistan anyway and if he was offered a film or a role in the Pakistani film industry and it was his choice, he would definitely want to come to Pakistan and work.

When asked which of his favorite dramas he would like to watch again and again, Engin Altan Dzitan said that he does not watch any drama or film over and over again and when a project is over, he will re-watch it. Don’t look and like to think about new projects.

“But let me tell you, when a project is over and you forget it and then suddenly that project comes in front of you, you enjoy watching your acting.”

The drama series Ertugrul has 150 episodes, although it is being shown on Netflix in smaller episodes. The shooting of this long show lasted for six years and the then Engin Altan Dzitan had many stories.

He said that he looks at the performances given before the shooting again and again so that no mistake is repeated.

Describing the shooting of a memorable scene, he said that one day his fellow actor was not able to play his lines and he was in a state of excitement. The scene was repeated but the actor could not play his line properly.

Engin Altan Dzitan says he went to his fellow actor and encouraged him to calm down. But when the shooting resumed, the same actor struck him hard on the head during the fight and the wound began to bleed. When he asked his partner, “What is this?”, He replied that he had made this mistake in a hurry.

Praising the team that produced the play, he said that his relationship with Ertugrul’s producer and director was very good. “Even so, the director of this play is a great man and he knows a lot about the world of drama. It would not be wrong to say that they made this drama better than everyone expected and the result is in front of you.

He said that working as a team for six years is not easy but he worked hard with the producer and director to keep the atmosphere pleasant and keep everyone together and this also had a very positive effect on the drama. Compiled.


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