Eric Paskin on Overcoming Addiction and Helping Others Do the Same

It is often said that recovery is a lifelong process, but a life-changing one at that. For Eric Paskin, this could not be more true. Having experienced addiction and battled with it for much of his life, he found solace in treatment and eventually through a turn of fate founded his own treatment center, Restore Health + Wellness Center. Although it was never part of his “plan,” Paskin’s deep understanding of the recovery process—from his firsthand experience—has not only helped create the center, but made it a success. As a result, Paskin developed a deep passion for helping those who are going through addiction and the families that are equally involved. His story is one that can be used as both a case study, and as a beacon of hope and inspiration.

Paskin’s struggle with addiction was once so bad that he experienced homelessness on and off for a few years, but his last stint in rehab stuck, and in essence changed his life. Yet he did not choose to work in the industry, in fact, it chose him. Due to his arrest record and being out of the workforce for several years he was having a hard time finding work once he got sober. His sponsor suggested he get into marketing and sales for addiction treatment facilities. Although initially he explains that working in a treatment facility was the last thing he wanted after getting sober, the process changed him. 

“Most of my life I didn’t consider myself a ‘helper,’ but once it happened and I saw how much good I was providing, it got very easy. It’s the passion for helping people that keeps me going, because it’s a tough industry. There’s great joy in seeing someone who didn’t have hope, take their life back,” he explains.

Even after over 10 years in the industry Paskin is driven to help people seek treatment, because he knows that it can truly change their lives. He attests his success as an entrepreneur in a “helping industry” to being able to tap into where an individual is in the process. Another key to successfully navigating such sensitive subjects is communication, which Paskin has nailed down to a T. “I learned how to connect and communicate the effectiveness of recovery to those who can’t see a way out when they’re in the thick of it—I always say you can’t see the picture if you’re part of the frame,” he elaborates. The quote however can be applied to any tough situation, and is a valuable lesson to take away. 

Given Paskin’s journey with recovery, it would seem safe to assume that it’s been his greatest challenge in life, however his answer is one that relates to those who do not face addiction, just as much as to those who do. “Ultimately my greatest challenge has been getting in my own way…we tend to be our own worst enemies,” he notes. This naturally applies to addiction, as it can be a slippery slope to not fall back into bad habits when things get “good,” but this rings true for relationships and careers. When people are used to chaos, the discomfort of peace can sometimes trigger the opposite reaction. That’s something that is addressed through treatment too, and is part of what makes the Restore Health and Wellness Center approach so powerful. “It’s the effectiveness, passion, care, and concern for our patients and their families that resonates and helps us be successful,” says Paskin. Passion and drive are major factors that brought Paskin out of his dark times and helped him find meaning in life, a takeaway for all of us.


Deborah Blum is an American journalist working for Clout News covering famous influencers, artists and celebrities.

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