Eric Bischoff: “I Feel Bad For Tony Khan” in regards to the CM Punk/AEW situation

Over the years, All Elite Wrestling has encountered its fair share of detractors, though few have been as outspoken as Eric Bischoff. Many comparisons between his now-defunct wrestling firm and AEW have garnered criticism from the former top executive of World Championship Wrestling, who believes Tony Khan’s organisation hasn’t accomplished a quarter of what WCW did in the 1990s. Bischoff has never held back from criticising Khan’s booking and has taken strong issue with the alleged achievements of AEW World Champion CM Punk.

Being super vocal – Eric Bischoff

Successes or not, Punk’s unscripted and unedited tirade at the AEW All Out news conference this past Sunday brought the wrestling industry to a complete halt. Before responding to questions from reporters, Punk attacked old pal Colt Cabana, longtime foe “Hangman” Adam Page, and AEW Executive Vice Presidents Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks. One of them concerned Punk’s claim that Adam Cole and Bryan Danielson joining AEW was “greater” than Scott Hall and Kevin Nash joining WCW in 1996. Punk made that claim in September. Despite his hesitations, Punk said he stood by his statement because he was aware that it infuriated Bischoff.

Bischoff believes Punk needs to get over the Cabana situation

”You have to let that s—t go at some time, man. You can’t allow it affect how others view you as a character, Bischoff advised. “I have nothing against punk personally. He said some silly things that cost him some of my respect, but that doesn’t mean I hate him or want him to fail or anything; he’s just a guy who’s supposed to be a babyface, crying. He is absolutely whining.”

Bischoff continued, “This s—t was begun by punk. Now, if it’s for creative reasons because there is a plan that none of us are aware of that Tony is in on and talent is in on and this is actually going somewhere and we’re on our first quarter-mile of a twenty-mile journey, then cool as s—t, but if it’s not that, what we’ve just seen is part of complete dysfunction.”

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Bischoff says that he sympathizes with Khan

“At the moment, I feel awful for Tony Khan. He’s paying that animal a lot of money, so in many ways, he’s setting himself up for whatever this is or turns out to be,” Bischoff said. “CM Punk is cutting off his balls while he is paying him a lot. not just in front of the rest of the cast, the management team, and the production staff. Oh, and his business associates, such as Warner Discovery. Should the Warner Discovery merger fail, there are possible clients, sponsors, and, if necessary, a network to which they might sell their show. what justification?”

“The irony is one of the things I found to be extremely fascinating while watching this again. CM Punk is criticising The Young Bucks for being unprofessional, and by extension Tony Khan, as he sits there and undermines the business by criticising someone else for being unprofessional. This is ironic, to say the least. Don’t you think it’s ironic that? Do you not find it odd that CM Punk is someone whose, if you will, legend has survived largely due to the wrestling internet realm and the fans who are backing him. He is now shouting and yelling at the media for publishing lies.”

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