Eric Bischoff Believes The Discovery/WarnerMedia Partnership Will Benefit AEW

Former WCW President Eric Bischoff discussed wrestling fans, the Discovery/WarnerMedia merger, and the impact it would have on AEW. Bischoff speculated on how much it costs to make AEW television, as well as the dwindling audience size, and whether that is appealing to Discovery now that the partnership is imminent. Continuing on that theme, Eric Bischoff revised his take on AEW after learning that Discovery will shift its focus to unscripted programming rather than preplanned programming.

When I’m in AEW right now, I see it as a good thing, Bischoff told reporters. On Strictly Business a few weeks ago, we were discussing who understands what David Zaslav and corporation will do with TBS and TNT, but I used Paramount TV as an illustration.

Discovery should return to what has made them succeed or not?

One of the topics we discussed was whether Discovery should return to what has made them succeed, which is non-scripted, call it truth, but docu-dramas and traditional short films. If Discovery is going in that direction, I’d be delighted, and I’d enjoy hearing it if I had been AEW. That implies they’re concentrating on cost, not audience, and it’s still too early to pop champagne corks in AEW but there’s still plenty of things we do not even know.

We won’t know for at least six months to a year where they’re heading. It’s still soon, and if I’m in AEW right now, I’m feeling really good since they’re not heading in the same direction as Paramount. The WWE Hall of Famer had also been asked if wrestling is appealing to networks because of its weekly episodic nature, as opposed to a drama or series with only 26 episodes each season. In response to the question, Eric Bischoff discussed the significance of ad sales and why it is the only major information thing that counts.

According to Bischoff, it is pushed by advertising sales and ad sales performance. The answer to your issue is directly related to Turner Ad Sales’ achievement in selling that stock. If the answer is that they’re happy with it and are attracting the type of advertisers they want, and they’re getting CPMs or pricing that allows them to be profitable or competent. If the answer is positive, they’re doing well, then the response to your question is yes, they’re very delighted.


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