Enola Holmes 2 Release Date And Other Details Revealed

Enola Holmes gave us a new adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. Fans were impressed to see a female Sherlock in action who has an equal caliber of amazing detective skills. Enola Holmes’s first movie quickly got the audience’s attention after its Netflix release. After a successful first release, the movie is now set to deliver its sequel.

Millie Bobbie Brown did a great job as the female Sherlock in solving her first big mystery in the first movie. Now, that she has stepped up in the shoes of becoming a Sherlock it’s time for her to solve another mystery.

Enola Holmes 2 has been in talks for a long time now and we also know that Millie Bobbie Brown is returning in the movie. The first film was released in 2020 and was a big hit.

Enola embarked on her journey, starting off by searching for her mother and traveling to London. On her way, she discovered a bigger secret about the  House of Lords.

Now that we know that Enola Holmes is under works, fans are posed with the question when is it releasing?

We have got you covered with every detail you should know.

Enola Holmes 2 Details

Enola Holmes 2 is coming to its original streaming house, Netflix on November 4, 2022. Netflix had announced the sequel coming to their platform in 2021 and also revealed that the film has wrapped up its production at the start of this year.

Earlier this year, Entertainment Weekly released a description of the movie. The description of the movie reads as the young Enola is now attempting to launch her own detective agency following in the footsteps of her famous brother Sherlock. after successfully resolving her first case.

Enola sets off on her most recent adventure, after being hired by a young girl who works in a match factory to find her sister. Enola soon discovers herself involved in a rising chase across London, moving from the filthy industrial areas of the city to the glittering high society galas.

The cast assembled for the sequel movie involves many from the previous movie like  Millie Bobby Brown herself as Enola Holmes, Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes, and Helena Bonham-Carter playing their mother, Eudora Holmes. They were seen in the previous movie as well. Along with them, the other existing cast members joining are Adeel Akhtar as Lestrade, Susan Wokoma back as Edith, and Louis Partridge back as Tewkesbury, who might be Enola’s love interest.

The new cast members joining the sequel are David Thewlis,  Duncan-Brewster, Hannah Dodd, Gabriel Tierney, Abbie HernSerranna, and Su-Ling Bliss, reports suggest.

However, no trailer has been dropped for the movie as of yet, but we do know the release date now.

So mark your dates for witnessing a new Sherlock adventure


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