Enhyphen ‘Dimension: Dilemma’, Band Sets Sales Record With 600K Pre-Orders

Initially this month, the album was going to be released, however, it got pushed to October due to 6-7 members of the group testing positive for COVID-19. Fans were disappointed but now they are excited as Enhyphen records a new personal best in terms of sales.

Engenes have put up all of the frustration and concern for the health of the band and exercised it on the new album. Sales of Dimension: Dilemma marked as Enhyphen’s best pre-ordered album. After the band got an all-clear sign from the Korean Health Department, HYBE, who manages Enhyphen announced the release of their first studio album.

The album is releasing on September 17 and from that day pre-orders for Dimension: Dilemma was opened. Six days after the announcement, Enhyphen garnered a total of 600,000 pre-ordered copies and counting. As per Stone Music Entertainment and Genie Music, the pre-orders saw a hike of 150,000 copies. This is comparing it with their last mini-album sales six days after its announcement.

This is a new record for Enhyphen and the last release from the band was their second mini-album, Border: Carnival. That album had garnered a total of 450,000 pre-ordered copies within six days. This was 150,000 higher than their debut album, Border: Day One. It took 21 days for the album to reach 300,000 pre-orders.

The group being from HYBE, BTS and TXT are their seniors. But the band itself is showing steady growth as they garner more sales with every new release. This marks Enhyphen’s personal best record which showed that they can raise the stakes in the future. The album ‘Dimension: Dilemma’ will be released digitally on October 12 and has three versions or concepts.

Their first mood board for the purple and green concept called Scylla was released at 12 am KST on September 22. It was released in three versions and fans saw three different images that portray agony as one image. The second mood board saw the sounds of many coins dropping as Sunoo was seen holding one coin in his hand. The images have caught a lot of attention from fans as Engenes expect Enhyphen to make a powerful comeback.


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