Encanto: How Old Is Mirabel

Encanto: How Old Is Mirabel

Jared Bush, one of the two directors of Disney’s Encanto, confirmed Mirabel’s age on Twitter. Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz), the youngest granddaughter of a magical family in Columbia and the only one born without supernatural talents, stars in Walt Disney Pictures’ 60th animated feature film. Because of her ordinariness, she is shunned by the rest of her family.

Mirabel appears to be the only one who can save the day when her family’s house, the source of their magic, inexplicably begins to lose its strength. Her age, despite her crucial part in the storey, remains a mystery throughout.

Mirabel already feels like the odd one out in the family as the youngest daughter. It doesn’t help that she lacks magical abilities, further separating her from the rest of her family. Mirabel develops a strong emotional link with her estranged uncle, Bruno, who was shunned by the family for the exact opposite reason: his own talent of foresight caused too much strife within the family. Despite everything, he never stopped loving his family and continued to live in the Casita with them; hidden between the walls without anybody knowing.

Mirabel finds Bruno in the walls and helps him reunite with the rest of the family; rescuing the house and its magic via the restoration of love and demonstrating that she doesn’t require powers to be just as essential.

Despite the fact that Mirabel’s age is never directly stated in the film; Encanto co-director Jared Bush revealed Mirabel’s age in a series of tweets. He also divulged the ages of the family’s other children. Mirabel is a year or two younger than Camilo (who is also fifteen), Isabel is a year or two older than Dolores (both twenty-one); Luisa is nineteen, and Antonio is five years old.

Mirabel’s age has important ramifications. Mirabel was only five years old when Bruno vanished from the family. This implies that he must have spent ten years inside the Casita’s walls. Knowing that he spent a full decade keeping true to his loved ones, even though they did not embrace him; adds to the power of his announcement. It’s unclear why Bush chose not to make that fact plain in the film by noting Mirabel’s age; but the Bruno reveal is already quite poignant.

It’s fascinating to observe how the filmmakers behind Encanto have plotted out elements of the storey that; while not clearly mentioned in the film, act as subtext in shaping Mirabel’s relationships with her siblings and extended relatives. The writers exploited these unspoken facts to give the Encanto characters a backstory. The creators took Mirabel’s age into account during the development process, even if it isn’t stated explicitly. The creators’ inner understanding of the characters is incorporated into the film’s emotional moments. To put it another way, they did their research when it came to constructing a believable fictitious universe.

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