Elon Musk Discloses Who He Thinks Is The Face Behind Bitcoin

In an interview with artificial intelligence researcher Lex Fridman on 29th December, Tesla founder Elon Musk talked about his active engagement in the crypto market, especially in the Bitcoin (BTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE) ecosystems. The segment also touched upon topics like SpaceX, Tesla’s autopilot feature, Mars, along with many others.

And according to this prominent crypto proponent, popular theories on the identity of Bitcoin’s founder being Nick Szabo might turn out to be correct. “He seems to be the one more responsible for the ideas behind bitcoin than anyone else. He claims not to be Nakamoto, but I’m not sure that’s neither here nor there.”

A Bit Of Background

Bitcoin was curated in 2009 by a person under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. With his identity having successfully stayed shrouded in mystery to this day, there have been several speculations on who the man may be. A primary one among them is the claim of Nick Szabo being the founder of Bitcoin.

Nick Szabo, a computer scientist known for his prolific writings in the sphere of digital currencies and smart contracts, has expressly denied such assertions on multiple occasions, “I’m afraid you got it wrong doxing me as Satoshi, but I am used to it,” he’d commented in 2014, as reported by MoneyControl.

Allegedly, one of the primary reasons why Nick Szabo may be Satoshi Nakamoto for a lot of people is due to how the historical evolution for the concept of Bitcoin started. BitGold, which is often seen as the predecessor of Bitcoin, was an idea developed by Szabo. It was an incomplete project that focused on a decentralised digital currency, making it uncannily similar to the first successful cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

Elon Musk also clarified that he “obviously” isn’t aware of who the actual creator of Bitcoin is, passing his statement off as purely his personal opinion. Musk has stated that the mysterious identity of the mastermind doesn’t bother him in any way though, as he followed by his conjecture by saying, “What is a name anyway? It’s a name attached to an idea. What does it even mean, really?”

Alas, the face behind Satoshi Nakamoto may remain a secret unless the person who’s actually behind the scenes reveals themselves, even if it is Nick Szabo.

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