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‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ Ratings Down to ‘All-Time Low’ Amid Drama

Ellen DeGeneres is having a really bad time as former and current employees have come forward claiming that the host is ‘toxic’. But, there comes another hit as her show’s rating drops down.

According to The New York Post, the ‘Elle DeGeneres’ Show is at its all-time low. The news comes as Ellen is facing allegations about sexual misconduct on her show. The show slipped to a series low last month. It gained a 1.0 Live + Same Day household rating for the week ending July 26.

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However, they also note that other talk shows are also declining including Dr. Oz, which dropped 22%. Recently, a former employee came forward to make rather shocking claims about the talk show host. She chose to go on record for the first time as more and more people are coming forward to speak against Ellen DeGeneres.

The former producer, Hedda Muskat joined the show back in 2003. The series was still developing at the time. She said that from the very beginning she noticed a culture of fear. The producer said she has never seen anything like that before. Muskat added she had never been around a toxic host.

She also revealed that one of the executive producers, Ed Glavin, contributed to the toxicity. Muskat recalled one such incident where he screamed at one of the crew members during a staff meeting. “He just went off on them,” she said. “His whole face turned red. … We were stunned.”

She further recalled another incident where she had to meet Ellen to say something to Glavin but she giggled instead. “She crossed her legs up on the chair and she said, ‘Well, I guess every production needs their dog,’” the ex-staffer claimed. “And from then we knew. Ed was going to be the barking dog — her dog. You could just see everybody’s faces go stiff. We’re professionals; we’re adults. We don’t need a dog to get us to do our jobs. … She was the only one giggling.”

The Ellen Show Under Fire

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Muskat further recalled that towards the end of her job, she was given lesser opportunities and had been sidelined. The ex-producer was let go from the show, days before she won an Emmy. She explained the time saying Ed called her and said he did not need her services any longer. He also congratulated her on the nomination. Muskat recalled that Glavin told her producers were “taking the show in a different direction.”

A current employee and ten former employees of Ellen’s talk show came forward in March, claiming they faced bullying and racism. They also claimed that they were fired for attending family funerals.

The show has been building around the slogan of being kind. It is reported that it ranges from dishing out cash to people who appear on the show and instituting wider charity initiatives. However, former staff members claim it is all for the show.

One of the former staff members said that ‘be kind’ agenda is all for the show. It does not happen off-camera. The member said they give away money but it is all for the show.

A black woman claimed she was a victim of racist micro-aggressions and abuse for an 18-month-period. She recalled soon after she was hired, the senior producer said he hopes they don’t get confused because two employees have box braids.

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She also claimed that one of the writers of the show apologized because they only know the names of the white people who work there. However, the employees did not blame Ellen but only the executive producers. They do think that Ellen should have been more involved to see what was happening on her show.

They also said that Ellen is told by the producers that things are going great and she believes it. Ellen should be checking on her own staff according to them.

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