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Elizabeth Olsen Reveals She Avoided Internet Reaction On WandaVision

Elizabeth Olsen revealed that she avoids checking out forums and commentary about her superhit Marvel show, WandaVision.

The actress talked to Seth Meyers on the Late Night show from her rental home back in London. She talked about her beloved role as Wanda Maximoff in the Disney+ series, WandaVision. The show has successfully melded the feeling of classic sitcoms with action and adventure.

Elizabeth revealed how it was a new format for her and shared her worry about what fans said might affect her performance. She shared how she was “anti-looking” at everything on the internet. The actress further revealed that when it comes to something she is passionate about, she does not want other ideas.

She said, “When it comes to something I’m passionate about, I don’t want anyone else’s ideas, I don’t want spoilers… I usually binge Game of Thrones after it’s on-air, so I’m really good at avoiding stuff. I also never really cared about anything that much as a child to seek out forums or something.”

The Avengers alum further talked about if it was hard for her to press about the show without revealing any secrets surrounding it. Elizabeth responded as she said it is complicated to talk about the show. She shared that she wants to talk about how it’s a sitcom but not just a sitcom.

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“I have Katherine Hahn by my side, who is just the queen of all things comedy”

The Godzilla star said, “It’s really complicated to talk about this show. I want to talk about how it’s a sitcom, but not just a sitcom, and how do you tease that and keep people interested who want the action but then get people interested in the sitcom part, and hopefully you don’t lose them in the action… but it’s always fun. It’s always fun to see fan reactions. I think that’s what I look forward to most.”

Elizabeth shared that she had been loving doing a period piece every episode. The show has been switching eras and this provided the cast and crew to try and replicate the lenses, lighting, and mannerisms of another time.

The actress also talked about how there was a warmth inherent in the shooting of old sitcoms. She shared that it was hard to switch between joyful moments and serious ones. The Avengers star revealed that she has Katherine Hahn by her side who is the queen of all things comedy.

She said, “I have Katherine Hahn by my side, who is just the queen of all things comedy. And Paul Bettany did such a great job with all the physical comedy and has been very Dick Van Dyke.” Matt Shakman, the director oozes warmth and friendliness, and kindness according to the actress. She shared that he had three different viruses directing all the episodes.

Elizabeth revealed, “I’m convinced he had COVID in December. He got so sick.” The first episode of WandaVision had been filmed in front of a live audience which made the actress exceptionally nervous. She feared that she would fail.

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“I have to do breathing exercises before seeing your friendly face.”

The actress added that she gets into a rhythm because she feels like she knows how to do her job. She said that this type of thing was never done by her and she did not know how to do it. The Marvel superhero shared, “But this I don’t know how to do THIS ever, and I have to do breathing exercises before seeing your friendly face.”

Elizabeth, however, revealed that she missed doing talk shows live but was thrilled to have to do junkets at present. She called for a four-minute cycle of 12 hours of strangers. The host apologized for calling her so late as London was five hours ahead of his evening show. She said that she was properly “caffeinated”.

The Godzilla star also shared that she had been very excited to get to the UK as it would have been more open than either New York or Los Angeles. However, she landed in the UK right before their second lockdown which has been extended to March.

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