Elissa Mielke – Rise To Fame

How often have you come across a child who is absolutely certain about what they want in life? Definitely not very often. But international singer and model Elissa Mielke was an exception since her childhood days.

To describe Elissa Mielke as a child prodigy or a super-talented singer and model would be an understatement. Today’s Rise to Fame unfolds the journey of Elissa Mielke who came from a low-income household and made it into the world of showbiz.

Early Life

Elissa Mielke was born in Canada in the province of Ontario. In one of her interviews with Our Culture Magazine, she reveals that she comes from a lower-middle-class family. They had no TV and they did not watch movies.

When the rest of the students in Elissa’s class were gossiping about the new TV show or discussing spoilers of their favourite movies, Elissa used to be all by herself.

There is not much known about her family in the public space but Elissa has mentioned her father during many of her interviews in the past.

He had been in Mexico for a long time and was well versed with mariachi music. Elissa’s father used to come home and play a lot of Spanish and Mexican music which fascinated her as a child.

Elissa Mielke’s father was very supportive of her interests in modeling and music. He used to take Elissa to performance venues where she used to sing her verses and he used to sit there and enjoy the vocal delicacies that his daughter would serve.

She has been a student of Mass Media and Journalism at a University in Toronto.

Humble Beginnings As A Child Singer

Elissa Mielke started taking lessons in musical instruments such as piano and guitar at the tender age of 5. Elissa loved to learn to play new instruments and always forgot that her purpose was to repeat what she learned again and again.

Elissa Mielke used to get lost in the rhythm and tune of classical music instruments and focused more on the parts she loved rather than the entire piece of the lesson. Elissa admits that this behavior of hers used to annoy her instrument teacher a bit.

Elissa Mielke also learnt from an opera teacher around the same time. The opera teacher gave classical voice lessons to the young Elissa Mielke. By compiling the learnings of her musical instrument classes and vocal lessons, Elissa soon began to develop and write her own songs.

Elissa practised her learnings in the choirs of the church. By the time she turned 15, she had done shows as a part of a punk band in various Canadian cities. She played mostly synths.

First Major Project

Elissa Mielke was a fashion model and influencer in the early days of her career. But her natural calling was always something else. It was the world of music.

Elissa Mielke is a real hard worker and she believes in the power of hard work and never lets any obstacle turn bigger than her spirit. Due to this mindset of hers, Elissa landed an opportunity to feature in The Weeknd’s ‘The Zone’ music video in 2012. ‘The Zone’ music video also featured the famous rapper Drake.

Elissa Mielke’s casting alongside Drake in the music video was the breakout moment of her career as a singer and songwriter. She was talked about in her community as the girl who appeared in The Weeknd’s music video along with Drake. Today, that music video has over 70 billion views on YouTube.

Elissa Mielke now moved from Canada to America, Los Angeles with an aim to carve out her own musical career.

Shifting To Los Angeles

Elissa Mielke was keen to build her legacy in Los Angeles. After her initial success, she received offers from major record labels that wished to sign her but Elissa was not convinced. Instead, she took the independent artist route and released many songs that the audience loved overwhelmingly. Some of her best works are Kind of Thing, Trying, Palace, Finally and more.

The first song of her latest EP ‘Finally’ is titled Kind of Thing. It has attracted a lot of praise and fan-following for Elissa Mielke. The song crossed over 120k views on YouTube in no time.

Elissa’s method of creating new music is very genuine and hearty. She shared in an interview that she prefers to visit her music studio or piano room whenever she feels off and vulnerable. She just sits there and plays until her heart feels at ease. She says that composing songs has helped her navigate and survive through many strange, dark, and confusing times. Elissa revealed that her single titled Trying was also a result of feeling mixed emotions that she poured into a raw song.

Today, her Spotify brings in over 25k listeners a month.

Fun Fact: Six years ago, Elissa had used a stage name Mieke to release her album. She never used the pseudonym/ stage name ever again after that. Why? This remains a mystery.

Debut As An Actress

Elissa had been naturally good in front of the camera, thanks to her experience as a fashion model. In 2016, Elissa Mielke featured in Bruce Pittman’s thriller film named ‘The Last Movie’. She portrayed the role of Audrey Templer.

The movie went on to win two awards, the Best Foreign Film at the Long Island Film Festival and the Award of Merit at Lucerne International Film Festival.

Elissa was cast in the Lion Attack’s short film titled Mobius alongside Caley Jones, Daiva Z, and Britt Grayson in 2017. The film was directed by Sam Kuhn and went on to be nominated at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017. She also played the role of Farrah Bergmann in the movie Minor.

Minor is about two teenage girls that live in a small town. Elissa is shown as a 15-year-old in the movie who meets this girl who convinces Elissa to steal her brother’s limousine, a 1995 Cadillac limo and the two girls drive it across the United States to LA.

Elissa Mielke is the epitome of talent and hard work. Her story as a fashion model and singer ignites inspiration in all of us. With many more upcoming projects, Elissa is certainly going to command higher recognition and respect in the industry!

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