Edward Gant Makes a Name for Himself and his Businesses through Passion News

Edward Gant Makes a Name for Himself and his Businesses through Passion

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Time icon September 3, 2021

Edward Gant is a clout-worthy person on multiple levels. He is an educated, self-made entrepreneur with a creative mind, positive attitude and a big heart.

Edward studied Civil Engineering in Greece and then Business Psychology in London. He has learned from life that dreams come true and hard times are only temporary. A lot of lessons can be drawn from difficult situations and wrong decisions to build a seasoned strategy for the future.

With Italian and Greek roots, Edward now lives in the UK and Los Angeles permanently.

Edward’s innovative ideas are motivated by the love he has for improving people’s lives, especially those closest to him who support him. Edward was an only child growing up, and he got endless attention, love, and support from his parents and grandparents.

He is grateful to only have good memories from his younger years, and happy to have the values that his family instilled in him. Edward has learned to forgive and to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Edward’s father was a pioneer in the seafood industry with sustainable practices and growing alternative markets back in the 1990s. This was what fueled Edward’s passion for seafood and ways to trade species which are only farmed following sustainable practices and traceable in all the steps from catching to the final points of sale. The ocean is where he goes to relax and recharge his battery.

Edward has been heavily involved in new concepts in the seafood industry since 2010 bringing novel ideas and sustainable fishing options to the UK market.

Since 2012, Edward has been considered a specialist in sashimi grade tuna trading and has been supplying the most well known sushi restaurants in the UK, Europe and United Arab Emirates. Edward is currently CEO and shareholder @ UK SEAFOOD.

In 2015, Edward started a company specialising in the restoration and resale of antique Louis Vuitton and Goyard trunks with his girlfriend – over 700 trunks being restored and sold to present day.

Check out these masterpieces @ lvtrunk. The finer things are always a point of focus for Edward, because he believes in elevating everything he does to a professional level.

Edward is a big fan of F1 and his passion is collecting cars and racing. He also sings and plays guitar, and has been playing basketball and tennis since school.

Challenging yourself to get better all the time is what cultivates the strength to face adversity which can come at any point in life. Right now, Edward is dealing with Brexit and having to constantly adjust to the fast-changing market needs, mainly due to the lockdown restrictions around the world.

In 2018, Edward Gant started gathering information and making deals with farms around the world in order to establish the first celebrity caviar brand “HADID Caviar” together with his long time friend and well known entrepreneur, Mohamed Hadid. Mr. Hadid and Edward are spearheading “HADID Wine” as a fabulous move in the last quarter of 2021!

Edward is CEO and co-owner @ HADID Caviar and @ HADID Wine. HADID Caviar launched in 2020 and has become very successful within the first year of launching, being sold in the iconic Harrods Luxury Department Store in London and in hotels and restaurants like Atelier Robuchon, Jumeirah Hotels, La Cantine Group, La Petite Maison, La Guerité, Medusa and GAIA.

They branch out constantly all while the company donates 5% of their net profits to amfAR. The brand has already been endorsed by celebrities like Dua Lipa, Martha Stewart, Kris Jenner and John Stamos.

Also, personally giving back, Edward is registered to many charities in the UK, especially for animals and stray dogs in the UK and USA – helping them financially on a monthly basis. Edward Gant works diligently to make improvements, and he does his part beautifully. Get connected on instagram @ iamedgant.

New products under the HADID Caviar brand are on the way soon. HADID Wine will be available for purchasing shortly with an extended range of red, rose and white wines and an alternative caviar lounge concept is on the list for 2022!

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