Edge Makes His WWE RAW Debut in a New Look

Edge Makes His WWE RAW Debut in a New Look

WWE Hall of Famer Edge has cut his hair short. On this week’s RAW, Judgment Day’s leader stood in the ring alongside Damian Priest as well as Rhea Ripley, whom he referred to as his two saints of fate.

We founded Judgment Day because we were sick of being sheep like the rest of you, Edge explained. So, where did that lead us? What happened to me? Okay, it got me a ring in the Hall of Fame. It’s a big deal. I’m more famous than the Hall of Fame. You know what else it got me? You could indeed point to any part of my body that has had surgery. Would any of you give a damn?

Edge then chastised keyboard warriors for their inane Internet comments. Following that, Priest and Ripley clarified why they chose to follow the WWE Hall of Famer as there own mentor and manager.

Edge: ”We’re not done yet”

Finally, Edge hinted that Judgment Day would be expanding in the future. As previously stated, former NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa is rumoured to be joining the stable. Edge emphasised that his movement was not complete. We’re not done yet, and we’re still looking for more.

Since WWE Hall of Famer Edge turned heel and pounded Styles with a low blow and steel chair shots, Styles hasn’t appeared on RAW. WWE later revealed that AJ had sustained a major neck contusion as a result of the event in a storyline injury update.

Later, WWE published a storyline injury update, revealing that AJ had suffered a significant neck contusion as a result of the incident.

Edge made another dark promo on RAW, following up on last week’s dark promo, in which he said that he is superior than everyone in the industry and that the Edge that came two years ago is no longer alive.


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