Ed Westwick Celebrates Birthday with Girlfriend Amy Jackson and Grandmother

Ed Westwick Celebrates Birthday with Girlfriend Amy Jackson and Grandmother

Amy Jackson celebrated her boyfriend’s birthday. Her boyfriend Ed Westwick, who is famous for his role in the “Gossip Girl”, turned 35 on Monday. The actor, has shared a picture from the celebration of his birthday on his Instagram handle, and his Instagram story featured, him, his partner Amy Jackson, and his grandmother.

After Amy and Ed Westwick were spotted hand in hand, their relationship was made Instagram official by Amy during this month. The picture which is shared by Ed Westwick on his instagram story, shows him giving a forehead kiss to his grandmother, and Amy is seen smiling and is seen holding her shoulders. Whereas, there is a cake which is in the shape of a car is seen in photograph shared by Ed Westwick, from his birthday celebrations.

Westwick’s relationship with Amy was seen during the earlier months of this year. Where Amy was spotted with Ed in the streets of London holding hands, and after that later in June, she had conformed her relationship with the actor. Amy had posted a loved photograph of her partner Ed Westwick, and her on her Instagram stories.

Ed Westwick Made Film Debut in 2006

Whereas talking about Ed Westwick, he is famous among the fans for essaying the role of a playboy Chuck Bass on the CW Network’s Gossip Girl from 2007 to 2012. The show also had actors such as, Blake Lively, Leighton Meester and others. Whereas Ed had also essayed the role of a lead in the sitcom White Gold. The actor had made his filmdebut, with Children of Men which was released in 2006. After that he also appeared in the film like, Breaking and Entering, Son of Rambow, S. Darko, Chalet Girl, J. Edgar, Romeo & Juliet, and Bone in the Throat, Freaks of Nature, Billionaire Ransom and many more. Talking about his last year’s work, it includes, Me You Madness.

Whereas talking about his girlfriend Amy she is also an actor who had made her acting debut in 2010, and she was also seen in the number of films.

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