Echo Star Reveals Which Marvel Hero She Would Team Up With

Echo Star Reveals Which Marvel Hero She Would Team Up With

Alaqua Cox, who plays Echo in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has revealed who she would want to team up with in the MCU. And the one thing we know about crossovers and cameos in the MCU is that there are certain rules around it.

The Marvel franchise has successfully branched into a massive world of storytelling with actors playing their characters for decades. Now Maya Lopez, played by Cox, will find herself entangled with Charlie Cox’s Daredevil and Vincent D’Onofrio‘s Kingpin.

But the actress recently revealed who she would like to team up with and its Iman Vellani’s Ms. Marvel. Alaqua revealed at the D23 Expo that she would love to meet the superhero. She revealed that she was too nervous to say hi when they crossed paths.

It is ironic that Cox is fanning over Kamala Khan when Iman has admitted to creating burner accounts across social media so she could get into all the Marvel fan discussion. Iman revealed she is not present on social media publicly but she does have a lot of private accounts on Reddit.

Vellani added, “Just, like, arguing with people about theories, I’m like ‘You don’t even know what’s coming, man! You’re so wrong!’ It’s so liberating.” The actress also held an AMA thread on r/MarvelStudios as she answered multiple questions.

As for Cox’s Echo, it revolves around the origin story of Maya Lopez. Her ruthless behavior catches up to her in her hometown and she has to face her past. Echo will premiere on Disney+ in 2023.


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