Dwight Howard Shows Interest In WWE After Being Spotted In Tryouts

NBA All-Star centre Dwight Howard, who was recently spotted at the WWE tryouts, is searching for a change of scenery. At this time, Howard is a free agent and has not yet received a positive offer from a league team.

Why leave NBA?

Dwight Howard has played in the NBA for 18 seasons and has won every award there is. Even at the age of 36, he still has the potential to succeed in the league. However, the former DPOY is now a free agent following his most recent stint with the Los Angeles Lakers, and he is trying his hand at a variety of sports. The huge event SummerSlam will take place this weekend in Nashville, and on Thursday, Howard made an unexpected cameo during a WWE tryout session there. The eight-time NBA All-Star and former NBA champion went under the name Sho’nuff, the antagonist from the 1985 film “The Last Dragon,” in his matches.

In addition to cutting a commercial, Howard engaged in in-ring training. Howard spent roughly five hours at the tryouts, said Arash Markazi. Howard informed Markazi that he genuinely desires to work with WWE in the future, Markazi stated.

Dwight Howard stated in a tweet that he would prefer to play in the NBA the upcoming season but is prepared to make the switch and join the WWE if that does not happen. He stated that he would be open to starting his WWE career in Orlando, where the WWE Performance Center is based, where his NBA career also had its start.

Dwight Howard will participate in the WWE alongside other former NBA players, but this time for a longer duration.

Cross-game cameos are not a novel concept in sports. Shaq, a famous big guy from the NBA, competed in wrestling matches against enormous opponents. O’Neal took a brief foray into the world of professional wrestling, but he never returned. Former Magic’s Center, though, appears to be highly committed to a WWE career.

Howard’s Career As A First Round Pick

In 2009, Dwight Howard, a former first-round pick, assisted the Orlando Magic in reaching the NBA Finals. His second season with the Los Angeles Lakers was when he eventually captured the NBA championship. In his heyday, he was also a walking double-double. Over the course of his 18-year career with 7 clubs, he averaged a double-double 14 times.

Although Howard would enter the world of wrestling late, it would not be unprecedented. Diamond Dallas Page, a legendary WWE hero, began his wrestling career at the age of 35. Even though it might be challenging to switch sports at a later age, Howard is motivated to succeed.

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