Dustin Rhodes Talks About His Brother Cody Rhodes' WWE Comeback

Dustin Rhodes Talks About His Brother Cody Rhodes’ WWE Comeback

Dustin Rhodes discussed his addiction problems, his period in WWE as Goldust, and his new position as a wrestler and mentor with AEW.

Dustin also discussed his memorable 2019 AEW Double or Nothing match with his brother Cody. Dustin it was the most special night he’d had in the wrestling business after the two brothers wrestled for the first time that night, leaving it all in the ring, blood, tears, and sadness.

Having the opportunity to work with my brother and not knowing what to expect from the AEW audience, Rhodes said, I had no idea if I’d get any reaction at all, then just the fact that we went out there and I got a reaction. The match was perfect for me. It was a long time coming because we weren’t permitted to do it in WWE. It’s just serious brother vs. brother, but it’s difficult to do. When you glance at all the brothers vs. brothers fights, and there is nothing good that comes from them.

Cody’s surprising decision to leave AEW

I’ll never do that again, I’ll never wrestle him again; that night changed my life. I was like, oh god, what do I do now that I’ve left WWE? I was exhausted, I had lost my enthusiasm, but that night I rediscovered it. That was a very special night, possibly the most special night I’d ever had in my career. Everything fell into place; it was story-driven, compelling, and everything you could potentially want from a viewing public to enjoy. Crying, joy, and bleeding were all present. That night, there was a lot of blood.

His brother Cody has dominated wrestling news stories since his return to WWE and continual mentions of his desire to be WWE Champion. Dustin Rhodes discussed his brother’s come back to WWE at WrestleMania 38, as well as his candid reaction to Cody’s surprising decision to leave AEW.

I was delighted for him, but I already miss him; I miss having him around, but I understand he’s young, Dustin said. Go ahead and do your stuff. I’m overjoyed for him; I’m like, ‘hey buddy, more strength to you, go get that crown.’ Win everything and do your thing.


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