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During the Oscars, Brad Pitt accidentally mispronounces Maria Bakalova’s name, making headlines among fans

Although the 2021 Oscars saw several changes as a result of COVID-19, one tradition remained: the four acting winners from the 2020 Academy Awards returned to present awards upfront to a new class of Oscar winners. As he walked onstage at L.A.’s Union Station to reveal the winner of Outstanding Actress in a Supporting Role, Brad Pitt looked dashing. Unfortunately, when announcing the nominees, he completely mispronounced Maria Bakalova of Bortat Subsequent Moviefilm.

Brad gave nice introductions about the movies that inspired the actresses to try acting. He told the 24-year-old Bulgarian star, who grew up a huge Marilyn Monroe fan, “Welcome” to the big time of making it to the Academy Awards. Unfortunately, he referred to her as “Maria Bakalava,” but she blushed at the mere mention of her name by Brad…because he’s BRAD PITT!! However, Twitter users weren’t fooled by the name butchering

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