Duong Theng: Founder of Felix & Kool Kaptain Young Entrepreneur News

Duong Theng: Founder of Felix & Kool Kaptain Young Entrepreneur

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Time icon March 19, 2021

The story behind the success

Duong Theng, is a mentor, businessperson, and best-selling author. He has worked within operations in the startup tech world for years, where he has learned several points in assisting business owners of Felix & Kool Kaptain. Duong Theng believes that people usually don’t start due to the fright of failing, and such fear prevents them from moving ahead. He has battled all setbacks and emerged as a genuine winner, making her the best in whatever he does. He manages multiple businesses and aces in all.

The Entrepreneurial Journey

Here’s a glimpse of ventures and services managed by her which have scaled astounding heights of success:

The Felix & Kool Kaptain: This company focuses on coaching entrepreneurs. Duong Theng teaches them to grow their businesses as well as educates them on leadership and accountability skills. Through The Felix & Kool Kaptain Co., Ltd.’s 30 Day Mastermind Curriculum, Duong Theng educates entrepreneurs on launching a business, scaling, and gaining sales. Duong Theng consults with clients, understands their market, brainstorms feasible goals, and provides accountability sessions.

Travel Funds Kids: Duong Theng started this organization to support schools and provide children with equal opportunities irrespective of their schools.

The Felix & Kool Kaptain, Content Creation: In the internet era, Duong Theng Straughn didn’t fail to present herself digitally. Duong Theng is a content originator on social media channels and provides relatable content and business advice from the everyday entrepreneur’s perspective.


Duong Theng Straughn handled heaps of affliction and endless dismissals in her early stages, but the spark of entrepreneurship never departed. He acquired enormous skills and has relevant experience, especially in the tech world. Her biggest goal is to generate the most impact possible.

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