Duke Of Cambridge Shares A “Happy Picture” With His Children On Father’s Day

Today is Father’s day, and we see everyone celebrating it by sharing photos with their dads with a heartfelt message. On the occasion of Father’s day, we see the Duke of Cambridge, Prince William shared a post with his children to wish every father out there.

The image was shared on Instagram by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge which was later on reposted as a story on Prince William’s account.

The image featured the three kids of Prince William & Kate Middleton. We can see Princess Charlotte sitting on the left-hand side of his father wearing a blue frock. Prince George is on the right-hand side wearing a military sort of T-shirt. Whereas Prince Louis is on the shoulders of the Duke of Cambridge and is wearing a blue and white striped t-shirt.

Prince William is seen wearing a simple brownish T-shirt. Looks like the picture is taken in some Rocky mountain area. The caption of the photo reads, “Wishing a Happy Father’s Day to fathers and grandfathers across the world today.”

It was such a heartfelt image with all four of them laughing and smiling. One more picture of Duke, his 3 children, and his wife in the same attires were seen on the family’s Christmas card of 2021.

The photo was taken on a trip to Jordan in the autumn month last year. The trip was a visit to the Duchess Kate Middleton’s childhood home.

In that photo Duke Prince William and his 3 children were wearing the same outfit as in the above picture. The picture had the Duchess Kate Middleton as well wearing an olive green dress. With the Duke sitting on a golden pouffe in middle the Duchess & Princess Charlotte sitting on the left and Prince George on the right on a triangle-shaped fluffy sitting. Whereas Prince Louis was sitting down on a fluffy sort of mat. They all were happy and smiling in the image.

Such happy pictures can make anyone’s day!

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