Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre Announces A Major WWE Goal For 2023

Drew McIntyre missed the most recent Holiday live events because he is currently sidelined with a ruptured eardrum, the same condition Roman Reigns has. But this week’s episode of WWE Raw featured an interview with the former WWE Champion alongside highlight reels and other interviews with wrestlers looking back at 2022 and forward to 2023.

He stated, I’ve got my eyes on Gunther with the Intercontinental Championship about his upcoming comeback, which is a match that the WWE Universe has been eagerly anticipating for a while. As big hitters, the two men are known for their physical strength inside the ring, which could result in some impressive clashes. McIntyre stated, I see the chatter on social media, I see what happened with him and Sheamus, and I saw the battles.

I used to hold the Intercontinental Championship, and I would love to wrestle that man. Although they have engaged in some tag team and multi-man fights for their careers in WWE, the two men have never faced off against one another in singles action. Braun Strowman and GUNTHER are currently involved in a feud, but McIntyre has stated that when he returns, the Intercontinental Championship will be his main priority.

Drew McIntyre shared a story about how Vince McMahon

Drew McIntyre shared a story about how Vince McMahon’s fast thinking aided his presentation. McIntyre is widely regarded as the best babyface on the WWE SmackDown brand. Nevertheless, there came a time when a simple defect in a preplanned entrance could have harmed his reputation. McIntyre remembered his initial plan causing more problems than it was worth.

McIntyre explained, The plan was for me to walk to the ring with a sword on my back, then get in the ring with a sword on my back, pull it out, and raise it. So the props had everything ready. I tried to put it on, but it was too tight. I was attempting to walk alongside it. It simply doesn’t look cool, with the sword swaying all over the place, trying to get through the ropes and possibly getting caught. McIntyre eventually met with the now-retired McMahon in his office to discuss his concerns. It didn’t take long for the veteran WWE CEO and Chairman to devise a new strategy.

He decided to take the sword from me, paused for a moment, swung it around his office, held it up flipped it around, and jammed it on the ground, then said, Come with me. We proceeded to the stage, and within five minutes he made the entry in which I walk out, hold the sword up, spin it around, and shove it into the stage. McIntyre now brings the Scottish broadsword to the circle, and pyrotechnics are set off both on the stage and in the ring posts.

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