Drew Barrymore Cries As She Reconnects With Ex Tom Green After 15 years

Drew Barrymore and her ex-husband, Tom Green reunited for her self-titled talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show.

The actress looked back at her time with ex-husband and revealed it had been 20 years since they got divorced. She also added that it had been 15 years since they last spoke to each other. The talk show host reminisced how she felt safe and contentedness at Tom’s lake house, before sleeping.

Drew Barrymore Tearfully Reunited With Her Ex-Husband After 15 Years of Not  Speaking | Glamour

“You know when you say 20 years, it’s sometimes it’s the blink of an eye, and sometimes you’re like, ‘Oh my God, we’ve lived so much in these last twenty years.’ You’ve had a whole life and I’ve had a whole life,” she said. The actress further said it feels nice to come together and check-in.

Drew said talking about it thrills her to no end. She said, “I think the world of you and I celebrate you and I always have and I always will.” The former couple tied the knot back in July 2001. They filed for divorce in December 2001 citing irreconcilable differences. 

Tom also shared Drew’s sentiments and said it has been too long and it’s nice to reconnect. He revealed they were not in contact for 15 years. “We really did not talk for about 15 years I guess and this is really the first time we’ve looked at each other face-to-face in 15 years,” he shared.

Drew Barrymore Cries Reconnecting With Ex-Husband Tom Green

Drew And Tom Recall The First Time They Met

The actress further recalled meeting her ex back in 2000 when she was filming and producing Charlie’s Angels. Drew recalled one of the reasons why she reached out to Tom at the time. She said, “One of the things that mean so much to me professionally also is because one of the reasons we got to know each other in the first place was I admired your work so much and so I reached out to you and asked you to come and do Charlie’s Angels and you so graciously said yes.”

The star recalled that they hit it off right away as both of them loved spending time together. Tom looked back at the time and recalled a lot of laughs they had together. He further recalled one of their first dates where both of them went and bought lobsters and set them free because they loved animals.

Drew Barrymore's Emotional Reunion with Ex-Husband Tom Green, Plus: They  Recall Unique First Date | ExtraTV.com

Charlie’s Angels actor also recalled how Tom was the catalyst for her love for photography. “You bought me a camera and I still have it the Pentax K1000 and you got me started into what would become two decades full of being a real photographer and you got me into my whole Annie Hall phase of taking photographs which is such beautiful art,” she said.

Tom also brought a customized bug with Drew’s picture on it in a neck brace. He said he found the mug in his garage a couple of years ago and kept it. The star further added that he kept it for using it while appearing on her TV show. He said, “I figured someday I might be on your TV show and it’d be fun to have a sip out of your mug.”

Drew Barrymore Reunites With Ex-Husband Tom Green

Tom recalled the time when she did yoga and sprained her neck and Chris went and made these mugs. He said somehow he kept those mugs for all these years. Drew further said she was so happy to be seeing him again after all these years.

Tom said, “Yeah we had a lot of amazing experiences and I am grateful for that and I cherish them. Thanks, Drew I appreciate it.”


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