Draymond Green Reveals LeBron James’ Success Story

Comparisons were drawn between Michael Jordan and LeBron James even before the King made it to the NBA. As a teenager playing for St. Vincent St. Mary high school, the current Los Angeles Lakers megastar got the ‘Next Jordan’ tag, carrying big expectations right from the outset of his career. People who had seen him play right from his early days believed that LeBron James was always destined to succeed. 

James, though was never fazed about the comparison and entered the league with the heavy weight of all the expectations on his shoulders in Cleveland. He actually did go on to become a 4x NBA champion with his skillful play.

“I always tell people with LeBron like that. He got the chosen one tattooed across his back.”: Draymond Green


In recent days, LeBron’s agent and friend Rich Paul said that he faced more obstacles than Michael Jordan when he landed in the NBA. Now Draymond Green has given his opinion on who had the higher expectations. 

“I always tell people with LeBron like that. He got the chosen one tattooed across his back,” Green said.

“He had that tattoo in high school. He was anointed King James in high school. I think for one what’s so incredible to me about LeBron is he probably had the highest expectations of any high school, ex, any player.”

“But especially high school players ever coming into the NBA. Like even Michael Jordan didn’t have the expectations to become who Michael Jordan became when he came out of North Carolina. LeBron probably had the highest expectations, not only, he exceeded them.”

James is undisputedly the current face of the NBA. He proved the naysayers wrong and became a much better player than a lot of people thought. He’s won four championships with three different franchises, leaving an indelible mark wherever he’s played. MJ didn’t have that hype around him in 1984, although he was great in college. Bron didn’t care about that, he carried himself in a great way, and now he enjoys the status of being regarded as the GOAT by many fans.

Rohit Shahi is a Sports editor and a passionate fan of NBA. He aims to bring all the latest NBA news to you, covering all the major events and biggest superstars.

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