Dravid Reveals The Selection Process Of Playing Eleven For T20 World Cup

Dravid Reveals The Selection Process Of Playing Eleven For T20 World Cup

Asia Cup 2022 has produced some of the most fascinating games of cricket in recent days. There have been nail-biting matches, underdogs almost giving a scare to the big teams. This tournament will surely help all the participating teams to get a better judgment of their squad. This will assist them in choosing the best possible elevens for T20 World Cup, which is just over a month away. Indian team has been in the talks, as they always are. This time though, it’s more about how they will choose their best possible eleven.

India have had an astonishing number of debutants this year. They have changed their playing eleven and captains for too often. While Rohit Sharma is certain to captain India, there’s still a lot of uncertainty over who will make it onto the field for T20 World Cup. With Ravindra Jadeja ruled out, India would have to make few changes.

In the pre-match conference, India Head Coach Rahul Dravid was questioned about the same. The former India captain made it clear that only the best possible eleven would be preferred, leaving no room for experimentation. When asked of the choice between Rishabh Pant and Dinesh Kartik, Rahul Dravid said that it would solely depend on the opposition. Also, the playing conditions would be taken into account. 

Focus Would Be On Covering All The Bases – Dravid

“There’s not going to be any workload management over the next three or four days, unless of course it’s forced upon us – for example, [Ravindra] Jadeja. Other than that, no. We’re looking to play every single game trying to win this tournament and do the best we can. We’ll have time after that to manage the workloads. From now on in leading into the World Cup, we want to be playing out best squad as and when possible.

We are absolutely focused on trying to play these conditions and do this – you should have players in your 15 that irrespective of the conditions you’ve got to be able to try and play your best XI,” Dravid said. “That’s the effort to build the kind of squad that we have. We may succeed and one or two areas you may not get the perfect selection of skills in your 15, but the effort is always there to have all your bases covered.”

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