Dravid Has No Concerns Over Kohli's Form Despite Outside Noise

Dravid Has No Concerns Over Kohli’s Form Despite Outside Noise

“Cometh the hour, Cometh the man.” Virat Kohli has announced that he is back in form with a brilliant knock of 60 against Pakistan on Sunday. Kohli has now been the top scorer for India in T20I matches against Pakistan in last six matches, starting from 2014. Everybody knows how India vs Pakistan games are different from the rest. The heat is on, the pressure is on, the viewers are large and the crowd is buzzing. Kohli loves such occasions, and he showed it again on Sunday that he is a man the team can rely on in pressure situations.

Though India found themselves on the losing side, Kohli’s knock will indeed provide some relief to the squad. Before the match, India Head Coach Rahul Dravid was questioned about Kohli’s form. Rahul Dravid pointed out how impressive Kohli’s knock against Hong Kong was. Also, Dravid put into perspective the difference between the scrutiny of other batters and Virat Kohli.

With Virat Kohli, people become obsessed with numbers. With statistics. They want fifties and hundreds. They want more fours and sixes hit. They want a better strike rate. Alas, cricket is a team sport. While cricket is no exception to the ‘superstar culture’ found in various sports across the world, it must be made clear that a game of 22 players can’t be made all about a single person. Here’s what Dravid had to say about Kohli’s form before the game.

Team Expectations From Kohli Are Quite Different From That Of Fans

“He played very well in the last match [against Hong Kong], and we are happy with his performance,” Dravid said. “He is also coming back after a gap of almost a month. It’s nice to the see that he has come back fresh and that he is looking forward to playing every game. Not that he wasn’t looking forward to playing every game earlier.

Sometimes with Virat, he is just one of those guys who is always on,” Dravid said. “It’s not that earlier he was not. It’s nice, I’m glad he has had that opportunity to take a break, come back refreshed and relaxed. He’s got a chance to be out in the middle, spend some time in the middle. Hopefully from here he can kick on have a really good tournament.

For us, it’s about the contributions he can make in different phases in the game and what the contribution is. It doesn’t have to be in fifties or hundreds or a stat. Even small contributions mean a lot in T20 cricket, what is the role of a player and what the team needs. Virat is very keen in putting in big performances. Hopefully he can keep doing that in the tournament.”

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