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Drama Fitoor’s Original Name Was ‘Affair’ – Faysal Qureshi Reveals Why The Name Was Changed

Fitoor is one of the most well-known serials that are currently being aired on Geo Entertainment.

Fitoor is produced under famous 7th Sky Entertainment banner. It has a brilliant and splendid star cast that features Faisal Qureshi, Hiba Bukhari, Kiran Haq, and Wahaj Ali in lead roles.

Faysal Qureshi’s Interview

At first, the show Fitoor was intended to air as the “Affair”. But later on this name was changed and audience is seeing the new name now! Why was the named changed after-all?

In a recent interview with Something Haute Faysal Qureshi explained the reason as to why Fitoor did not release with the original title of ‘Affair’.

Hassan (host) asked Faysal Qureshi: “Whose call was it to change the name of drama from Affair to Fitoor?

What Did He Say?

“I think Abdullah Bhai and Asad (producers), said that they will change the name, even though I personally like it but they said that they want to make something more out of it,” said Faysal Qureshi

Faisal also said that as long as the name remained ‘Affair’, it would only draw the attention of people to a given subject.

But Fitoor, every person has their own Fitoor. Mehmal has her own Fitoor, Haider, Dilnasheen and Hamza have their own Fitoors.

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