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Dr. Stacey Wells Felicitated for Outstanding Primary Patient Care

A strong foundation of primary patient care, especially preventative care, is critical to the stability of the health care system, particularly during a pandemic such as COVID-19. Houston-based Dr. Stacey Wells has proven her excellence in the field of not only primary care, but also Hospital Medicine during the ongoing pandemic.  She specializes in treating patients sick enough to require hospital admission but also helps to prevent those admissions in the first place by her work in her primary care clinic. There she fuses Internal Medicine with lifestyle medicine to prevent and cure the most common chronic diseases that have been shown to worsen Covid-19 outcomes. Her work has been duly recognized, and she has been felicitated for both her outstanding primary and hospital patient care.

Speaking about her achievement, Dr. Wells humbly shares her experience, “It feels surreal. I never expected it, and it proves that hard work and devotion will never go unnoticed. I am grateful to have been recognized and will continue to strive to give my best and treat my patients with the utmost care and love.”

Dr. Wells firmly believes that 85% of illnesses she treats daily are entirely preventable. “People need to be educated on how to take care of themselves properly. A daily concentrated focus on preventing disease while still enjoying life and maximizing time on earth would almost guarantee that hospital and clinic visits would be unnecessary.” She says.

She started a health and wellness initiative to prevent as many diseases as possible by advising patients on chronic disease management, plant-based lifestyle, and lifestyle counseling. She asserts, “A lot of diseases can be prevented by treating your body as a temple and adopting a clean and healthy lifestyle. To lead a life filled with energy and happiness is to become the best version of yourself. It is imperative to ensure the consumption of a good nutritious diet and develop a daily exercise routine.”

Born in Orangeburg, South Carolina, Dr. Wells was raised in Cleveland, Ohio. She graduated with a degree in medicine from Boston University School of Medicine and has studied lifestyle medicine to master disease prevention and healing the human body from within using food and exercise. She completed her internal medicine residency at Louisiana State University- Shreveport University Center and currently works at St. Joseph Medical Center in Houston, Texas.

With ten years of experience as an expert in Hospital medicine and primary care, Dr. Wells hopes to enhance the quality and quantity of each of her patients’ lives by focusing on simple lifestyle changes and spreading awareness about the incredible benefits of a healthy plant-based diet. You can book an appointment with her on her website.

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