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Dr. Elena Eustache Takes Love to the Next Level with a Brand New Dating App, Her Latest Book and Online Content

As the pandemic continues to linger in the United States, despite quarantine and social distancing mandates, dating app usage has gone up 18.4% since 2019, indicating an obvious surge in Americans’ desire for love and relationship. While family, friends, love and relationships have been a major pillar of support for many struggling to get through an outrageously tumultuous year, Dr. Elena Eustache who is also known as the Encyclopedia of Love has been working tirelessly on a new and unique type of dating app.

As she prepares to debut the innovative app called Love the App, Dr. Eustache strives to defy the stereotypes of dating app expectations. While many have grown used to the hook up culture and casual sex that comes with dating apps, Dr. Eustache’s Love the App makes all intentions clear with the option for users to declare that they’re looking for either a committed relationship, marriage or marriage with kids. Dr. Eustache hopes that through the app, users will find real, genuine love. 

But over the course of 2020, Dr. Eustache has been working on more than just a new concept for a dating app. With love as her unwavering passion, Dr. Eustache has spent a lifetime helping others improve their relationships. She currently hosts her own show called the Dr. Elena Eustache show on Instagram as well as on YouTube. On the show, the love doctor interviews stars, celebrities, and athletes, discussing love and relationships. She has also recently been recognized as the creator and writer of a romantic comedy TV series, The Ring Masters. The hilarious show is a spin on Sex and the City fused with Seinfeld-like comedic relief. 

The recognized relationship doctor and coach is also the author of The Cure for Your Broken heart, available on Amazon and for Kindle. The incredible book takes readers on a journey to recovery, facilitating healing after a painful breakup. But currently, Dr. Eustache is gearing up to release her latest book, How to Be Feminine, a book written for the modern day working woman. In a world where women have become completely independent of men, it seems the art of femininity has been lost on a huge demographic of American women. Through How to be Feminine, Dr. Eustache will help women get in touch with their feminine side again and learn how to set healthy boundaries while dating. Look out for the book due to release in January 2021. 

Though she’s known as a connoisseur of all things love, to limit her knowledge to just love would be a mistake. Dr. Eustache has taken her passion for love and turned it into a business, sharing her expertise for love and relationships with the world. While her passion is love, she strives to help people find healing and to find love and laughter in life. After all… All we need is love. 

To learn more about Dr. Elena Eustache and her latest projects, Love the App and How to Be Feminine, visit her website. And be sure to follow her on Instagram to keep up with upcoming projects and developments. 

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Deborah Blum is an American journalist working for Clout News covering famous influencers, artists and celebrities.

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