Dr. Dre Gives Prep Points For Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, Says “I Am Excited To See Her”

Rihanna is making her comeback at Super Bowl Halftime on the live music stage in Feb. 2023. Fans are impressed to see her comeback. Many are looking forward to her concert to see her live on stage after many years.

Even celebs of the H-Town are excited to see R&B singee making her comeback. Among many celebs the one looking forward to her is De. Dre. He gave an outstanding performance at the grand sports event this year with  Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and 50 Cent.

Oh, my God. Let me tell you something, man. I actually just got the news that Rihanna’s going to do [the Halftime Show] and I’m a super fan of Rihanna, Dr. Dre revealed. Further adding he said he can’t wait to see what she’s going to do.

Rihanna’s comeback on the live stage was dropped surprisingly to the fans. She confirmed the news of her performance at the LVII Halftime Show by dropping a pic of an NFL-branded football on her social. After Rihanna broke the news of her concert, Roc Nation announced their contribution to Rihanna’s upcoming gig as the strategic entertainment advisor.

Dr. Dre’s Reaction

Further talking about Rihanna’s comeback he said that he likes the singer’s work, what she does and her get down and how she approaches her artistry, and the whole nine, it is fantastic. He also said that Rihanna has the opportunity to give a mindblowing performance at the event.

He also gave a few pieces of advice to Rihanna ahead of her show “Put the right people around you and have fun and said make sure to have the right creative people around her.

Talking about his  2022 Super Bowl performance, he said he was quite nervous about his performance but when the actual performance happened it was all the preparation and making sure to have the right creative circle around him.

Praising his team he said all of his team members came together for him and everybody was extremely excited about the show. he and his team had a good time although there were many things to deal with and many people to depend on. There is a lot of pressure involved but is also fun at the same time. When the show is over you get goosebumps. “ I got goosebumps, especially from the reaction that we got from the show,” he said and it was even more exciting given that he performed with his friends.


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