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Dougray Scott Will Not Return For Season 3 Of Batwoman

Following Dougray Scott’s announcement that he would not be returning for a third season on The CW’s Batwoman, the cast has been reorganised yet again. Scott has been a series regular since the show premiered in 2019, as Commander Jacob Kane, Kate’s father and the head of the Crows private security service.

In May 2018, it was announced that Batwoman’s character will be introduced into the ever-growing television franchise during that year’s Arrowverse crossover event Elseworlds, and work on a complete series began shortly after.

When lead actress Ruby Rose stated that she would not be returning for a second season of Batwoman in May 2020, fans were taken aback. While no reason was given for her departure at the time, it was later revealed that Rose had had an on-set accident that needed back surgery and that she had decided it was “time for me to take a break to fully heal.” While Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder would eventually be introduced as a new Batwoman in Season 2, Kate Kane’s character was later supplanted by actress Wallis Day.

Run Its Course

Caroline Dries, the showrunner of Batwoman, revealed to EW that the choice to end Scott’s role in the show was made because the story provided a suitable exit point for his character. With the Crows being shut down and Kate Kane leaving Gotham to look for her missing relative, Bruce Wayne, in the season 2 finale, it is Dries’ contention that Scott’s character arc has “run its course.”

Of course, just because Scott is no longer a regular on the show doesn’t mean fans won’t see him again. The Arrowverse has had numerous instances of returning previous series regulars in guest parts throughout the years, and as Dries herself has stated, “we will always leave the door open to have him return.” The third season of Batwoman will launch on the CW on October 13th.

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