Doudrop Describes The Possibility That Triple H Will Return Her Name To Piper Niven 

According to Doudrop, her name could change in WWE under Triple H’s creative direction. Doudrop revealed to Inside The Ropes, I’ll give 100% full transparency about it, we did have a conversation about it. We did have a discussion about it. Even though here’s the thing: it was previously Vince’s vision, and now it is Triple H’s view. So it’s like, What is really your vision, in which do you see this heading, are you open to new ideas?

Doudrop stated that she doesn’t care which way the company goes. She admitted that as she was first assigned the Doudrop persona, she had no idea where she wanted to take it. She admitted that it took her some time to adjust even though she didn’t feel comfortable playing a bubbly, upbeat character.

She went on to explain that once she felt at ease with the personality, they did turn her heel and she wasn’t sure what’s what. She didn’t even know where her character was going and conceded that it took her some time to acclimate to the heel version of her personality. She claimed that she figured it out via trial and error.

Now that Triple H has joined the team, I just wanted to get a better sense of who she is supposed to be and what the options would be in terms of different facets of that personality, a new character, or even an old character. So, we’ll see what happens. As I previously stated, this is an exciting moment. Doudrop also addressed her experience working as the Head of Creative for Triple H. He was open to new ideas.

NXT UK brand

I’m well aware that there are probably a lot of other people looking for adjustments and such, but I’m willing to wait and ensure that we’re being deliberate and that we know where we want to go. Doudrop started her WWE career as a member of the NXT UK brand under alias Piper Niven.

She quickly rose to prominence as one of the show’s most popular performers before being promoted to the main cast as Eva Marie’s right-hand woman & protege. Before Marie turned on her and she went solo, she was dubbed Doudrop. She will indeed later turn heel and confront Becky Lynch during this year’s Royal Rumble.

Having followed the abrupt departure of former Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon, Triple H was named Head of Creative and Executive Vice President of Talent Relations. The announcement was made after it was revealed that McMahon was being investigated by the company’s Board of Directors for paying millions of dollars in hush money to several different women to keep them quiet regarding his sexual abuse, misbehaviour, and harassment.

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