Donating to Drake Wuertz's political campaign was a "mistake" by Biff Busick

Donating to Drake Wuertz’s political campaign was a “mistake” by Biff Busick 

Earlier this week, source reported that multiple wrestlers had made contributions to retired wrestler and WWE NXT referee Drake Wuertz’s political campaign.  Wuertz is a Republican candidate trying to seek the nomination for president again for Florida State Rep. chair in the 30th district. He was released from WWE in May 2021 and has been vocal in his support of Qanon-related conspiracy theories.

WWE mainstays Matt Riddle and Elias. AEW star Bobby Fish, Impact Wrestling creative member Jimmy Jacobs. Including Former WWE wrestlers Jaxson Ryker, Killer Kross, and Biff Busick. All were among the athletes mentioned as giving to Wuertz’s campaign (under their real identities). 

Busick was queried about his gift by a fan on Twitter today. He replied that he did not intentionally support Wuertz’s campaign or his Qanon cause. Busick stated, “I did not intentionally assist a Qanon campaign.” “Those beliefs do not resonate with me.” While the fan accepted the response. They continued to question Biff Busick, including whether Busick contributed personally to Wuertz’s campaign. That was not the case, according to Busick. 

Why Busick made the error of lending money?

“I made the error of lending money,” Busick admitted, “but I had no idea it was for a political campaign.” 

Biff Busick turned to Reddit after his Tweets in an attempt to clear his name even further. Defining himself as a nonpolitical individual. Busick, who wrestled as Oney Lorcan for years in WWE before being released in November 2021. Reiterated his opposition to Qanon and apologised for the situation. Busick noted, “A wrestling news site item was brought to my attention online.” “I’m not a political figure.” I do not agree with Qanon’s beliefs. I didn’t realise I was donating to Drake’s campaign when I believed I was just lending money. I’ve seen how people with those ideas can harm others, and I don’t want to be one of them. BIFF, I apologise.” 

Biff Busick is the only fighter in the research who has made any kind of statement about his contributions to Drake Wuertz’s candidacy as of this writing.

Sheena Bhandari is a Pro Wrestling Editor and enthusiast, working here at Clout News.

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