Don Cheadle Reveals If War Machine Will Be The Next Iron Man Or Not

Tony Stark’s demise in Endgame left all the fans saddened and shocked. As Marvel Fans won’t ever get to see the man in Armor ever again onscreen. Robert Downey Jr who played the iconic character of Iron Man too has said goodbye to his role in the MCU. Iron Man sacrificed himself to save the universe, but ever since he’s gone. The question remains, who will be the next Iron Man?

After Endgame, when Spider-Man Far From Home was released people speculated Spiderman to take on the legacy. But it wasn’t really so, this question still wonders in the minds of people will anyone take up the mantle?

Everyone knows it’s hard to fill in those big shoes of Iron Man’s character played by Robert Downey Jr.  Tony wanted the suit of Armor around the world to protect it, even though his wish wasn’t fulfilled. He gave it to his close ones i.e as Pepper Potts, James Rhodes, and Spiderman (iron-spider suit).

Don Cheadle, who plays the War Machine and is also a very close friend of Iron Man has addressed if he would be the next Iron man. We all know the OG characters have passed on their legacy, just like Steve Rogers passed his to Sam Wilson.

Don Cheadle To Be The Next Iron Man?

In an interview with Extra at the D23 expo, he responded if he is the next Iron man. To which he says he really doesn’t know. Don says, ” I mean I think that Rhodey is his own dude. I don’t think that anyone can really step into this… Tony Stark Iron Man Shoes.”  He adds, ” I think he did that as well as anyone could ever do it.” In the upcoming show Armor Wars, the audience will learn about what Rhodey wants and explore his story about who he is really. 

Cheadle says, ” What Rhodey does want, and who he is and what his sort of place and the firmament of MCU will ultimately be.”  He doesn’t really much more about it, but he knows for War machine ‘there is a future’.

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