Does No Way Home Prove Spider-Man Is More Powerful Than Doctor Strange?

Does No Way Home Prove Spider-Man Is More Powerful Than Doctor Strange?

Spoilers ahead for SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME

Spider-Man: No Way Home may have established Peter Parker’s superiority against Doctor Strange. When Spider-Man and New York’s resident sorcerer are pitted against each other in the aftermath of a broken spell with multiverse-wide ramifications, it appears that the Webslinger will be at the mercy of Strange’s sorcery. Spider-Man, on the other hand, with his own special talents enable him to prove himself a dangerous opponent to Doctor Strange, implying that he may be stronger than Strange himself.

In the first issue of No Way Home, Peter Parker addressed Doctor Strange in the hopes of erasing his Spider-Man identity. While Strange agreed to assist by casting a spell to do so, Peter violated the agreement by demanding exceptions so that his loved ones would remember him while Strange was casting the magic.

Instead, an endless number of people from all across the universe who realise Peter Parker and Spider-Man are the same people start flocking to the MCU. While Strange was able to break the enchantment, a few Spider-Man villains made it through, including Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s characters from previous Spider-Man franchises.

When Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) rounded up all the villains, he discovered that some of them died fighting their own versions of Spider-Man. Peter, feeling guilty, decides to assist and heal the baddies. However, he must keep the box with the damaged spell away from Strange in order to prevent Strange from sending them home straight away. As a result, the sorcerer and Spider square off, with Spider-Man demonstrating some astounding new spider-sense abilities.

Spider-Man’s victory over the mighty sorcerer came as a shock to the Webslinger himself

While Doctor Strange knocks Peter’s astral form out of his body; Spider-Man’s spider-sense operates as a natural defence mechanism; keeping the box out of Strange’s clutches (with the characteristic Spider-Man spider-tingle lines seen around Peter’s head). Peter’s spider-sense appears to be what allowed him to regain control of his physical form and continue battling. Given Peter’s innate resistance to Strange’s source of power; he may be a better match for the magician than he appears.

Furthermore, even while caught within the Mirror Dimension; Spider-Man was able to use his gifted mind as a genius to gain the upper hand; successfully trapping Doctor Strange within the Mirror Dimension until the third act of the film. Does this, however, imply that Spider-Man is on par with Strange in terms of strength?

While Peter Parker was highly resourceful throughout the fight; using his spider-sense and knowledge of Archimedean spirals to gain the upper hand; Strange most likely lost because he underestimated Spider-Man’s true capabilities. For example, Spider-Man’s victory over the mighty sorcerer came as a shock to the Webslinger himself. Doctor Strange, after all, is the sorcerer; who battled Thanos in Infinity War when the Mad Titan wielded four Infinity Stones (and Strange still held his own).

In any case, it would be fascinating to watch Strange and Spider-Man face up in the future; however unlikely it may be. Doctor Strange would be more prepared for the Webslinger; now that he’s seen Spider-Man and his spider-sense in action, yet Peter and his smart mind would still make him a difficult opponent. In any case, the combat in the Mirror Dimension between the two heroes; is undoubtedly one of Spider-Man: No Way Home’s most stunning sequences.

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