Does Increase In Tourism Disturbs The Wildlife? Read What Photographer Bhasmang Mehta Has To Say!

When we say job, it is not just restricted to doing desk work. There are various creative and innovative jobs out of which photography is one vast field. Having several categories, nature and wildlife photography is said to be one of the toughest jobs. Not only it requires patience, but also immense love for wildlife. Bhasmang Mehta who is a wildlife photographer has excelled in this field and is truly living by his passion. A former industrialist for almost a decade, this young man earlier joined his family business of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

However, after a hiatus of switching the profession, Mehta worked hard and today he is going to places for his work. Isn’t it amazing to make money while you are travelling? Well, that is something on everybody’s wish list. Mehta spends most of his time in the forests to capture some beautiful shots of nature’s beauty. Moreover, photographers in today’s time have even helped in increasing the tourism business. Some people think that the increase in tourism disturbs wildlife.

To this Bhasmang partially agrees and says that some people are not aware of how to behave in the forests which may cause a disturbance. “However, I believe that the increase in tourism has indirectly helped to protect wildlife from poachers. With more people exploring forests, there is a possibility of someone being there for their work. So, poachers won’t dare to do their activities. Earlier many animals were hunted by the poachers because but now things have changed”, he said. Bhasmang Mehta who owns a photography company named Wildlife Sojourns organizes several workshops and photography events. Time and again he has laid emphasis on responsible tourism. In his workshops, he teaches all the participants the do’s and dont’s before entering the forests. “Like our homes, the animals also have their homes and we should let them live peacefully”, he added.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the photographer?