Doctor Strange Fights Evil By Performing Magic Surgery News

Doctor Strange Fights Evil By Performing Magic Surgery

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Time icon September 21, 2021

In the new preview for Marvel Comics’ upcoming Death of Doctor Strange, it has been fortified that the Sorcerer Supreme will be battling evil by performing magical surgery. The preview of the comic does not reveal how Doctor Strange will die.

It follows Stephen Strange as he goes about his day and stops to meddle in a police standoff with one Mr. Rasputin. The character had seemingly become submerged by a massive influx of summoned power from another dimension. This leads to Doctor Strange using magical methods but that relates to surgery.

The surgery is a part of his past as an actual surgeon before he entered the world of supernatural things. Marvel’s Death of Doctor Strange #1 will be from writer Jed Mckay and artist Lee Garbett. As per the previews received so far, it has been teased that the passing of Strange will have drastic consequences for the Marvel Universe.

It can be assumed his death can be by murder but then the question arises that who’d be that powerful to kill the Sorcerer Supreme. The new preview did give us a look at how missed Doctor Strange will be once he leaves the land of the living. In the preview, Strange confronts Mr. Rasputin as the police officers were threatening to shoot the latter.

The New Element Of Magical Surgery

Rasputin’s real name is Pavel Plotnick and he summoned power from the wrong dimension. This made a link between him and the Seven Sons of Cinnibus. This is from the dimension of the Celestial Concordance. Strange promises to break the connection and assures Plotnick that it will be like surgery. He will be clamping the conduit of power before safely severing the connection.

This will highlight Doctor Strange gifts as a neurosurgeon more than his gifts as a Master of Mystic Arts. Doctor Strange’s magical methods connecting to his surgical work is a fun new element to his character. The concept of magical surgery was featured recently as well in Marvel’s Strange Academy. Strange was seen fixed on one of his students using a magically enhanced operating room.

It is yet to be seen where will Strange go from here as his death comes near. Can it be something he learned in this preview as he attempts to sever the connection between Plotnick and the dimension of Celestial Concordance and that the dimension is dying? Let us know what you think about this in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe to your newsletter on the way.

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